7 Rides We Want to See at Universal Studio's Future Nintendo Park

We're just speculating, but Nintendo and Universal had better build a Star Fox coaster and IRL Mario Kart racers.

Just in time for the Summer Olympics in Japan, Universal Studios and Nintendo are teaming up for a 2020 Universal theme park which will include the well-known collection of lovable IPs from Nintendo. We don’t know any particular details about the attractions within the section of the park in Osaka, but since the park costs an approximate $365 million, there should be some pretty fantastic attractions.

Here’s a list of some potential appearances and attractions that will hopefully show up in the park. Nothing wrong with dreaming, right?

Star Fox Roller Coaster

Similar to Space Mountain in Disney World, this roller coaster would be a high-flying indoor coaster that takes place in space. Imagine how disorientating and amazing this one would be, replicating anti-gravity by spinning its visuals all around you.

Yoshi Merry-go-round

This, of course, won’t be nearly as exciting as actually riding Yoshi through Goomba-infested terrain, and I’m absolutely positive babies won’t be hopping onto the backs of these critters at the park, but this alternative will have to do.

A staple in all theme parks, a merry-go-round, if installed, will definitely benefit from having the adorably plump noses and cute little boots running around a wooden structure. Imagine the whole thing being set to the various themes of the Mario franchise, and not just ones pertaining to the Yoshi’s Island, the game where players were first able to hitch a ride on the dinosaur. Adorable, right?

Mario Kart Go-Karts

While not a ground-breaking ride, this addition could still stylize its track with Rainbow Road backgrounds and Bowser’s Castle paintings. There probably won’t be explosive shells and slippery bananas, but it’ll still be pretty fun. Bonus points if it’s actually competitive.

Animal Crossing/ Castle Town Shops

Luckily, with these two video games, there are already shops and vendors that would do just as well transferring over into the real world as they are in the virtual one. There could be an Able Sisters’ Store where you can buy t-shirts, a Happy Mask Salesman toy store, or a section of game stations with a faux slingshot and arrow. No bombchus, but there will most likely still be replicas of them — they just won’t explode.

Also, I don’t know about you, but I want to hug Tom Nook IRL.

Metroid Space Adventure

Imagine carting along with a train of gun-toting passengers, like Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin in Disney, where occupants are in a swiveling cart with a lazer attached. Riders needs to shoot down the aliens during Buzz Lightyear’s mission, but this Metroid Prime rendition can be more becoming of the audience that original game was for. The ambiance will be more spooky than the kiddie Buzz Lightyear game and this time the riders will be helping our Samus defeat Ridley.

Peach’s Castle

Cinderella’s castle, meet Peach’s. This hulking attraction will be littered with large gardens and plenty of Mushroom Kingdom residents. This can be a hotel, a restaurant, or a gift shop. There are many possibilities for this fictional landmark — maybe a couple codewords only mega fans will know, which could be used to access secret rooms in the castle?

Pokemon Snap Adventure

Whether we’re riding in the cart like in the game or exploring the park and taking pictures with our phones for the various Pokemon, this one should definitely make an appearance. A classic N64 game, many people hold this game affectionately in their hearts. Pikachu is just as iconic character of a character as Mario, and he deserves his place in the sun. Can the park also recreate the following scenario every hour, on the hour?

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