Watch a Drone With a Chainsaw Slice Through Snowmen

Privacy isn't the only thing drones threaten anymore.


Governments have been scrambling to regulate drones and keep them out of certain airspaces for privacy reasons. But if you’re the paranoid type, this new drone attachment might make you fear for your physical safety, as well. Or at least the physical safety of tree tops.

A group of Finnish men attached a chainsaw to a DJI S1000, an octocopter specialized for aerial photography and cinematography. It comes with retractable landing gear, a frame that can support heavy equipment, and, apparently, the ability to remain stable when active power tools are attached. Finland’s finest creatively dubbed their creation “Killer Drone.”

The video shows Killer Drone slicing through icicles, taking down the top of a tree, and slicing through the heads of snowmen from behind. Chainsaws require some torque to push through objects, so the fact that the DJI S1000 can move the attached chainsaw through anything is a recognizable feat. Sure, the drone isn’t the power tool to take over the future of logging, but you clearly don’t want to get in its way.

The Killer Drone is still just a drone, though, which means it can be taken down by the most mundane objects. A hacker proved in early March that police drones can easily be hacked with just $40 in equipment, and “Drone Slayer” William Merideth showed drones are susceptible to buck shot.

In Killer Drone’s case, balloons are enemy number one.

Balloons: Defense weapons of the future.