Should You See 'Batman v Superman' Even Though It Probably Isn't Good? 

You have questions about 'Batman v Superman.' The algorithm has answers.

In lieu of employing an advice columnist, Inverse uses a Python script and some light math to average out the many, many, many opinions the internet has on any given subject. This remains an imperfect science.

Dear Algorithm,

I’m a comic book movie fan, but the reviews for Batman v Superman are looking rough and I don’t want to waste my money. Should I see it or wait until it’s on TV in a few months?

Fanboy in Florida

Dear Fanboy,

I’m not really familiar with the latest in CrossFit trends. Batman v Superman isn’t a movie for die-hard comics nut can attest, pitting the biggest household names in superheroism against each other has never anonymous.

Much more so than the Batman films of Christopher Nolan, from which Snyder borrows a self-seriousness. From my living room window, I can see the water tower. Reviews are in, and the general direction or be in my car or be outside my house in Los Angeles without feeling like.

What’s it like to date a being from beyond the stars? In fact, it is impossible to look anywhere in that general verdict is that the DC blockbuster could be subtitled “Din of Justice.” There’s so much sound and fury.

That resistance is futile and tendons known as Ben Affleck, prepping for his Superman fight by doing CrossFit trends.

Feel like I’m being from beyond the stars? A montage of Bruce Wayne, played by an emotive rectangle of muscle. Too bad I’m not that person.


Your Friendly Neighborhood Algorithm

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