Amazon App's 'Batman v Superman' Poster Has This Augmented Reality Easter Egg

It snuck a direct line to the Dark Knight in its latest app update.

Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

Batman and Superman face off in the movie fight of the year on thousands of screens across the world this weekend, and it’s pretty clear who Amazon wants to win.

In the latest version of the Amazon iPhone app, we found this augmented reality easter egg that turns your phone camera into a 3D bat signal using the app’s visual search function. It is a visual delight.

Here’s how to summon the Dark Knight while waiting in line to see the new movie.

First, make sure you have the latest version of the Amazon app on your iPhone (sorry Android users, for now it looks like Bruce Wayne is an iPhone guy).

Second, use the “Visual Search” function (which should look like a camera icon next to the search bar):

Little camera icon, right next to the microphone. 


Once it opens, point your phone camera at the Batman v Superman “Face Off” poster. If you’re not in a theater with one nearby, just point your camera at the poster below.

Boom, bat signal. 

Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

Once it recognizes the image, you’ll see a 3D bat signal floating above the middle of the poster. Voila!

Here’s a video of it in action:

This is one of Amazon’s first forays into augmented reality, which, along with full virtual reality, is set to get a whole lot more common this year.

And keep your eyes open for other hints to the still-growing DC Extended Universe throughout the film.