Sarah Palin Will Be the New Judge Judy, Gets Her Own TV Court Show

Former Alaska Governor and VP candidate Sarah Palin has just inked a deal to preside over her own reality TV courtroom.

On Tuesday, it was announced that former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has signed a production deal to preside as judge over her own reality-TV courtroom. Palin, now a Tea Party darling and surrogate for Trump’s campaign was approached about the project late last year by Warm Springs, a production company based out of Montana. In the intervening months, the conservative figure has assembled a crew of experienced veterans who aim to launch her courtroom in everyone’s living room by 2017.

If the show follows in the footsteps of classic daytime staples like The People’s Court, Judge Judy, and Judge Joe Brown, Palin will act as an arbitrator, a neutral party who settles disputes between two parties. Legally, most reality courtroom shows are as about as judicial as Palin is a judge.

In fact, Palin’s lack of legal experience sets her apart from the best entries into the fake judge TV lexicon, most all of whom were at one point real, live, serving-on-the-bench judges… or at least lawyers.

That said, isn’t it about time that Palin got her own little kingdom? She’s been climbing the reality TV ladder since 2010 when she starred in Sarah Palin’s Alaska. The short-lived documentary was described by the New York Times as, “a little dull.” Palin has since appeared as a guest on a variety of talking head shows (they love her on Fox News) that make slightly better use of her inimitable personality.

Along the way, Palin has proven that she’s got a devoted following, she’s not afraid to wag her finger at people, and she knows how to spout the kind of folksy platitudes that are often mistaken for insight. As one source put it, “Palin’s telegenic personality, wide appeal and common sense wisdom make her a natural for this kind of format”. We couldn’t agree more.

This is the kind of spectacle that will make calling in sick worthwhile once you’ve gotten bored with The Price is Right.