The 'Judge Dredd' Video Game The World Deserves Is Coming

'miniLAW' is the answer to our dystopian 'Robocop' prayers.

miniLAW is a new indie game coming our way from Lasso Games, that is a pixel art dystopian wonderland. It casts the player in the role of a ruthless cop who will do anything it takes to deliver justice to the bad guys. We’ve never gotten a good Judge Dredd or Robocop game, so for gamers this is a pretty huge leap.

You play as a synthetic life form controlled by the Ministry of Law, known as a Constable, and your job is to keep the streets clean. Petty thugs, Drug lords and even loiterers aren’t safe from your punishment. Bad guys are scanned and tracked across a procedurally generated city. You fly in, analyze the situation, and then decide whether balls-to-the-wall violence is the order of the day, or if a non-lethal stealth resolution works best. You collect evidence and build a case that will destroy the city’s worst villains, and along the way you’re going to beat some dudes to death with the side of your gun.

But be careful — as you can see in the trailer below, damage to your character directly impacts his optics, and the more hits you take the harder it is to even see the game-world.

The soundtrack and art style are so annoyingly perfect — I want to play the game right now. AND YOU CAN. The Alpha just went up on the Lasso Games website, so you can load up miniLaw on your Mac or PC today.

As a big fan of recent games in a similar style, like Hotline Miami and Gunpoint, this seems right up my alley. I have a feeling my weekend is about to be spent in the year 27XX, and knowing the project will only get better from here makes me confident that miniLaw is going to be an excellent game to track.

The Steam Greenlight campaign is currently running and you can give feedback on the alpha or track progress of the game at the miniLAW sub-Reddit.

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