'Vice Principals' Has Danny McBride and HBO Joining a Growing Slate of Faculty-Themed TV

HBO just released the first trailer for the new comedy and it’s going to be good, folks.


It’s been almost three years since Danny McBride’s bizarre HBO comedy Eastbound and Down went off the air. In the years since, it seems as though McBride has been content to take a string of supporting roles in various films that weren’t exactly helping his career. Let’s face it, not only did Aloha and Rock the Kasbah suck, they were titanic disappointments. Now, though, McBride is re-teaming with Jody Hill for Vice Principals, a new HBO series that looks to celebrate a completely different type of asshole. The first trailer was released today, and it looks like there’s plenty of Kenny Powers baked right into the new show.

The new show from the men who make a habit of lampooning blue-collar sad sacks follows McBride and Walton Goggins (The Hateful Eight, Sons of Anarchy) as two vice principals duking it out over eventual control of their shared school. The New Normal’s Georgia King rounds out the cast as what we have to assume is McBride’s love interest.

Judging from the first dose of Vice Principals, fans of Hill’s previous work have a lot to look forward to. The initial confrontations between McBride and Goggins appear to be steeped in the same kind of weirdness that made Eastbound and Down so maliciously funny.


It looks like 2016 will feature plenty of action from the teacher’s lounge as Vice Principals joins TruTV’s Those Who Can’t and TV Land’s Teachers in the race for best bad teacher show on television. Honestly, though, who gives a shit about those two shows when McBride and Hill are tackling the faculty? Admit it, you didn’t even know those other two were on the air. Well, maybe your grandma loves Teachers

Doing his best Ron Swanson