'Popstar: Never Stop Stopping' Trailer is the Justin Bieber Biopic We Deserve

The new film from the Lonely Island crew sizes up a Beliebable target.

Justin Bieber’s autobiographical theatrical films Never Say Never and Believe were produced in-house, meaning that glimpses of the true Biebs are heavily scripted and doctored, delivering us a shell of Justin’s personality. (Which is too bad! Dude is complex and Purpose is :flames:). However, something even better might have just emerged from our culture’s perpetual demand for bad boys being bad; a parody film from the Lonely Island, starring Andy Samberg in shamelessly Bieber-skewering role.

Today, the Lonely Island released its first trailer, featuring many constellations in the LICU (Lonely Island Cinematic Universe): Hader, Silverman, Forte, Arnett, and Meadows. Though the trailer itself is a little all-over-the-place and working hard to justify its own Red-Band-y-ness, there’s plenty of reason to believe that the return of the full Lonely Island crew bodes well for this mockumentary. Lonely Island members .Jorma Taccone (MacGruber) and Akiva Schaeffer (Hot Rod) will co-direct Popstar, signaling a return to one of the most next-level partnerships in modern comedy.

Could it even wade into Dewey Cox territory? The presence of a few collaborators from that film — Judd Apatow (zzzz), Tim Meadows (thank, God!) — suggests this is on the table.

It’s out June 3.