A Virtual Reality, Bitcoin-Centric RadioShack Is Coming to Life

VR + bitcoin = the future of commerce.

Lumiere Video Solutions in Chicago is a fairly well-known location that sells everything you need for video projects and home theater setups. Just last year, however, its owners decided the future of video was in virtual reality, and they pivoted toward becoming the premier stop for consumers’ VR needs.

With Oculus Rift on the way soon and other companies gearing up for the release of products, Lumiere is rebranding.

Part of that shift is to add another frontier of digital life to its operations: bitcoin.

That’s the currency you’ll use to pay for products on its virtual reality store.

Yes, a store in virtual reality, where you’ll buy products using bitcoin.

Meet Lumiere Online Store: a store only accessible through VR that will sell you electronic equipment. It’s basically RadioShack for the 21st century (because clearly the 20th century one is already off the cliff).

The company is launching the store in beta very soon, and in fact it’s looking for additional beta testers specifically among the bitcoin community.

Lumiere is willing to pay participants $70 for their time (which, obviously you can get in bitcoin).

Interested? Check out this Reddit thread for more details to learn more.