We Dare You to Find A Good Reason For A 'Where's Waldo' Movie

We can't. Maybe Seth Rogen can. 

Where is Waldo? Why, he’s in development for a major motion picture! (Get used to it — the next two years are going to be action packed with bad Waldo jokes.)

The adaptation has been in the works over the last five years and circling Hollywood, but has now landed at MGM. Details of the plot are under wraps, but an early iteration of the script revolved around a time-travel plot that saw Wally accidentally find himself years away from his girlfriend.

And this version comes to us from Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, because everything Hollywood makes in 2016 onward is a Rogen + Goldberg joint.

This isn’t the first time Waldo has been adapted into other media. There was a 13-episode cartoon series on Saturday mornings back in the day, which also featured a still-frame “Find Waldo” section before and after each commercial break. I remember particularly hating this segment because my family’s TV was too small and janky to ever actually find Waldo — who was usually a red and white spot in the background.

Yeah, it was just as much fun as adapting the story of a pop-up book. Or maybe Goodnight Moon.

What could be worse? How about NES Waldo games. Dear lord, I remember losing my mind over this:

The most recent writer to get involved with the new film project was Todd Berger, known for the apocalyptic comedy It’s a Disaster which was so small and indie and dark that I’d die to read his take on this.

Rogen and Goldberg are handing the project off to proteges Kyle Hunter and Ariel Shaffir who wrote The Night Before. It’s unclear whether the duo’s vision for the film will turn out to be a “live-action family adventure” as was originally announced, or whether we’ll branch into that hallowed CGI world that would probably suit the material better.

Or maybe we should just take CGI from other films and stick Waldo into shots, challenging the audience to find him. That’s the only way I’d get to a theater and actually see the upcoming cartoonish Warcraft film — maybe there’s something to this plan?

Rogen and Goldberg have a number of films heading for release, including James Franco’s Tommy Wiseau comedy The Disaster Artist and Bad Neighbors 2. They’re also still hard at work on the adaptation of the book The Console Wars and AMC’s comic adaptation Preacher. Basically, their plate is already full, so where are they finding time for this?

“Have you ever looked for Waldo… on weed?” Seth Rogen giggles and Hollywood hands him a large bag of money. This is how movies get made now. We’re all fine with that.

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