Kim Jong Un Inspects Large Ornament Pawned Off as Miniature Nuke

North Korea releases video of its Supreme Leader inspecting an alleged miniature nuke.

video still from "KCTV (Kim Jong Un Inspects Nuclear Warhead Minaturized

Kim Jong Un treats nuclear weapons like presidential candidates treat their economics proposals — all talk and no show.

The North Korean Supreme Leader continued his ever-increasing belligerent display of force Wednesday when the state government released a video of Kim inspecting and worryingly tugging on the wires of what the government is claiming to be a miniaturized nuclear warhead.

However, much like the numerous failed intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) tests and January’s alleged miniaturized hydrogen bomb test, which experts have said was too small to be real, it seems this is just more posturing from the aggressive country.

Besides the fact that the alleged weapon looks more like the Times Square New Year’s Eve ball or a poorly decorated Christmas ornament than an actual weapon, there’s also official confirmation this is a hoax. South Korea’s defense ministry said it did not believe the images from the video prove North Korea has developed a miniaturized nuclear warhead or deployed a functioning ICBM, according to Reuters.

Still, tensions are certainly high right now for the region. Last week, the United Nations Security Council imposed strong new sanctions on the already isolated country, and on Tuesday South Korea announced it will blacklist individuals and entities it claims are linked to Pyongyang’s weapons program.

While there is real reason to worry, the good news is the internet is treated to a new slew of images of Kim looking as dapper as ever in his stylish pea coat, overly large fur collar, smoking a cigarette right next to his alleged weapon, which doesn’t seem all too safe.

Check out the video below.