Darth Maul Proves He's the Dopest Sith Lord in Amazing 'Star Wars' Fan Film 

The agile double-swordsman is on a fucking rampage.

Darth Maul, an animator’s nightmare given form, is an amazing figure within the Star Wars universe. He’s a beloved product of a detested movie. He’s the Sith Lord with perhaps the most dramatic potential, but he always seems to be defeated by capitalism. A cancelled video game would have made him a more important fixture in the galactic soap opera, but he got cut in half instead.

Now, a group of fan filmmakers has resurrected Maul in an impressive fashion. Even as a different sort of fan film has sparked a legal battle over the future of Star Trek, a group of YouTubers going by T7pro, — previously known for this Monde Yeux music video about naked girls — have provided Maul lovers with a glimmer of an origin story. According to the video’s summary, it took two years to create, which sounds about right given how impressive the final cut looks.

Is it everything you want from Darth Maul? Check it out below and let us know if this redeems the character in your eyes.

There’s also a pretty fantastic behind the scenes short featuring all of T7pro’s excellent work. Very worth your time:

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