Nintendo May Finally Resurrect ‘Beyond Good & Evil’ for the NX

A rumor has begun to circulate that Nintendo has plans to finally create a sequel to one of the most beloved cult classics in gaming.


Shhhhhh. If you talk too loudly about a sequel to Beyond Good & Evil, it’ll evaporate into the mists like an intangible ghost. You shouldn’t even really look directly at news of a rumor for fear that the gaming gods will snatch this possibility from your eagerly grasping fingers. Of course, from time to time, studios resurrect this much beloved title in order to tantalize gamer’s into lusting after a sequel, only to shove the title back in a box moments later. Ubisoft has been making a regular habit of it since about 2008.

Today, though, ahead of this evening’s Nintendo Direct a juicy rumor began to circulate that may give gamers cause for cautious hope. Apparently, Nintendo is developing Beyond Good & Evil 2 for the upcoming NX.

A little background: The original Beyond Good & Evil is an action adventure game that released in 2003. If you’re not familiar with it, it plays like a Zelda game only with a modern setting, an alien plot, and a truly cracked sense of humor. The combat was sweet, the gameplay was varied, the writing was exceptional … and the game was a huge commercial bomb.

Over the years, though, the game developed something of a rabid cult following, as more and more people clamored for a return to the world of Beyond Good & Evil. Unfortunately, while parent company Ubisoft has repeatedly hinted at development of a sequel, nothing concrete has ever materialized. Which is why we grasp desperately at rumors, like the one circulating today.


According to Destructoid, two independent sources (one of whom has a competent history of leaking ultimately verified rumors) claim that Nintendo has secured Beyond Good & Evil 2 as an exclusive for its upcoming NX system. If you really think about it, this rumor makes a lot of sense. First off, Beyond Good & Evil would feel right at home among the various oddballs that make up Nintendo’s hall of fame, but the insane amount of goodwill this move would garner would almost guarantee that Nintendo could move some extra units on the strength of this announcement alone. Maybe today’s Nintendo up-front at 5 p.m. EST will shed some light on the matter.

So, make it happen, Nintendo. And, while you’re at it, can we please get Jade in Smash Bros.? Please?

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