Those Insane $100 'Batman v Superman' Ultimate Tickets Are All Sold Out

You would have to see 'Dawn of Justice' at least six times to make it worth the price.

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Last week, the theater chain Regal Cinemas announced via ComicBook.com the Batman v Superman “Ultimate Ticket,” a personalized premium pass for Zack Snyder’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. The tickets went on sale yesterday, and as of this morning they have all sold out.

Priced at $100, the super ticket allows owners to attend a showing of Dawn of Justice once a day in any format at any Regal during the movie’s theatrical run. There was a limited availability of only 1,000, so it isn’t surprising they’ve all been claimed. Or is it? This news means 1,000 people dropped a Benjamin Franklin to see Batman and Superman slap fight as much as they want. Like, “Honey? Can you watch the kids? I’m going to see the new Batman movie for the 27th time.”

We did some quick number-crunching to find out how many times you’d have to see Batman v Superman to make $100 for a movie ticket worth it. The prices come from Regal Cinema chains in the New York City area.

To see the movie in Standard: Priced at $15.60 for an adult ticket, you’d have to see movie 6.4 times. On the sixth time, you can leave whenever Batman yells at Superman “I’LL SHOW YOU WHAT IT MEANS TO BE A MAN.” You’ve had enough by that point.

To see the movie in Real 3D: Priced at $20.10 per adult, you’d have to see Clark and Bruce trade fists 4.9 times. On the fifth time, you can leave before the credits.

To see the movie in IMAX: At $19.60, you’d have to see Ben Affleck side-eye Jeremy Irons 5.10 times. You can leave when Holly Hunter says “Today … is the day … for truth” for the sixth time.

To see the movie in IMAX 3D: For $21.60, you’ll have to watch shitty Doomsday and tons of CGI a whopping 4.6 times. That’s actually not bad, if you haven’t gone blind by then. Enjoy watching Batman get his ass kicked for the fifth time before you can call it quits.

It should be noted that New York movie theater tickets are the priciest in the country, so if you live anywhere else, you’d have to see the movie even more to recoup the original investment.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice releases March 25.

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