5 Big Questions I Have About 'The Flash' After Zoom's Identity Reveal

Zoom's major reveal opened up only more questions than answers.

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The following article contains spoilers.

This week on The Flash, fans of the Arrow spin-off that blows away Arrow finally learned the identity of the dark supervillain Zoom. The dark speed demon that’s stalked Barry all season long hungering after his Speed Force like a junkie unmasked in the excellent “King Shark,” revealing himself to be …

… Hunter Zolomon! Better remembered as the Earth-1 doppelgänger of Jay Garrick, the Flash of Earth-2. But only the fact that Zolomon is Zoom was revealed and not the crucial details like why, when, and how the fuck?! There are still loads of questions about Zoom that The Flash has yet to answer, like:

Who is the masked man?

The other big mystery surrounding Zoom was the man he kept prisoner besides Jessie and, for a brief time, Barry. The poor soul who could communicate only through tap code is concealed behind an iron and steel mask, unable to speak but can hear and see.

A lot of fans, including myself, speculated the masked man was Jay Garrick — the real one, meaning whoever was on Earth-1 at S.T.A.R. Labs is an impostor. But as “King Shark” revealed, that Jay Garrick was killed and taken back to Earth-2. That’s when Zoom unmasked himself to be Hunter Zolomon. So, who is the masked man?

A possible theory is that there are different Jay Garricks from the future (which is easily explainable due to The Flash’s regular dalliances with time-travel). A few sharp-eyed viewers saw he has blond hair thanks to some revealing camera angles throughout “Escape From Earth-2.”

But where and how would a future Jay Garrick come into play?

What are the side effects of Caitlyn’s Velocity 9 serum?

This is my personal theory, which isn’t far off from what several on Reddit have come up with.

I’m thinking: Caitlyn’s Velocity 9 serum, which she formulated for Jay to regain his Speed Force, causes Jay to hunger after speed like an addict. In the near future, the Velocity 9 augments Jay’s power to dangerous degrees.

But how would that explain Hunter Zolomon’s involvement? Which begs the question:

Who was really on the park bench that day?

Hunter Zolomon was first introduced as a preppy dude in the park who looks like he came from a nice family in Connecticut. He was made to be totally unassuming, with his name “Hunter Zolomon” being nothing more than an “Easter egg” for comic book fans. As far as The Flash made us believe, Earth-1’s Jay Garrick was as far away from this story as possible.

And then “King Shark” happened and Andrew Kreisberg laughed at us in Entertainment Weekly and I had a breakdown.

But now it begs the question: Who is Hunter Zolomon really? Was he the guy on the park bench? Or has he been with S.T.A.R. Labs the whole time? Either way, who is who?

Seriously, who is this guy?


What does Zoom want?

This is the biggest question looming over The Flash. Zoom wants Barry’s Speed Force, but for what? Last season, the Reverse-Flash wanted Barry to become his fastest so he can open the portal to let Eobard Thawne return home.

But what does Zoom/Zolomon want? Why does he want Barry Allen to improve his speed, again? He wants to fatten up Barry like a Christmas goose, but for what purpose? This is entirely unknown to fans and your guess is as good as mine. Bother me on Twitter if you’ve got something.

Of course, nothing compares to the biggest mystery of The Flash. Which is …

Can Earth-1 Joe West sing?

This is serious, you guys. Will we see Earth-1 Joe sing like this? I will keep you all up to date as soon as I know more.

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