'Resident Evil' 4, 5, and 6 Get the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Treatment

Relive your zombie killing sprees on current systems later this year.


The modern, action-oriented Resident Evil games will be released on current generation consoles throughout this year. Even though current-gen re-releases are, overall, annoying, don’t pretend you’re not excited.

A new trailer showing off all three games and their return has been uploaded on the official Resident Evil YouTube account. The trailer is in HD, so presumably it’s footage of the games running on current hardware. And that’s kind of unfortunate, because none of these games have aged well visually, Resident Evil 4 in particular.

It’s understandable, given that Resident Evil 4 was released two whole generations ago (it was released on GameCube and PlayStation 2), but still! There is a big enough Resident Evil fanbase willing to shell it out: Making a ground-up remastered edition (like last summer’s Gears of War: Ultimate Edition) of arguably the best Resident Evil game of all time would be a worthy endeavor.

Resident Evil is the latest franchise to get re-releases on current platforms. Not too long ago, Square Enix reissued Sleeping Dogs and 2013’s Tomb Raider in “Definitive Editions,” and the aforementioned Gears of War was remade last summer for Xbox One.

Capcom will be releasing these games in reverse order. Resident Evil 6, the most recent, will be released on March 29. It will be followed by Resident Evil 5 in the summer, with Resident Evil 4 arriving in the fall, which would be great if it timed with Halloween. All three games will be available for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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