'Drew' Sounds Like the Same Shit With a Different Cast

CBS is moving forward with plans to air a detective show starring an adult Nancy Drew. Bored yet?


Way back in October of last year, CBS announced that it had begun development on a new series starring an iconic sleuth. The series, called Drew, is set to follow the adventures of an adult Nancy Drew, now in her 30s and working cases for the NYPD. If that sounds a little like every other fucking drama on TV right now, you’re not wrong.

According to the network, adult Nancy Drew “investigates and solves crimes using her uncanny observational skills, all while navigating the complexities of life in a modern world.” What’s most fascinating about that description is they tout her “uncanny observational skills” as though every other detective on television doesn’t have the same exact power.

Ostensibly hoping to get people excited about the boring-ass project, CBS Entertainment president Glenn Geller assured audiences that the newest take on Nancy Drew would be diverse. He doubled down on that statement by telling reporters in January that he’d “be open to any ethnicity” when it came to casting the lead.



Executive-produced by Joan Rater and Tony Phelan, a pair of Grey’s Anatomy writers, Drew is shaping up to be something audiences have seen millions of times before: a procedural drama starring a detective. The fact it’ll be starring a lady is only novel if you’ve never heard of Olivia Benson.

Inevitably, though, you can expect the people at CBS (which, by the way, is still America’s most watched network) to definitely give this steaming pile a full season pickup. At that point, you can look forward to Drew airing for at least three seasons beginning next year.

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