'Hamilton' Star Lin-Manuel Miranda Will Help Emily Blunt Pleasantly Ruin 'Mary Poppins'

The Mary Poppins sequel (probably) gets a new rapping Bert.

Last week, the latest Breaking News In Unnecessary Sequels was about a Mary Poppins follow-up starring Emily Blunt, a pleasant person who was ostensibly selected for her ability to ruin your childhood with a spoonful of sugar. Our speculations about who her Cockney chimney sweep co-star could be ran the gauntlet from Tom Hardy to Lizzy Caplan to the real Dick Van Dyke reprising the role, seeing as how he’s still a baller at age 90.

But now it looks like Hamilton star Lin-Manuel Miranda might be stepping into Dick Van Dyke’s old shoes.

Manuel is a Tony- and Grammy-winning actor and composer best known for Hamilton — otherwise known as that thing that made your mom briefly like rap.

According to Variety, Manuel might play a role in composing songs for this Mary Poppins update. On the one hand, this reeks of manipulation in the form of some studio exec going, “OK, we realize nobody asked for this, but everyone is nuts over Hamilton! They can’t be mad if they feel conflicted! Ha!” while petting his white cat and humming “Chim Chim Cher-ee.” On the other hand, Hamilton was like, so great, so who’s ready for a rap-heavy “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious?”