Reddit Has a Theory on Why Indiana Jones Survives the Fridge

Does magic water save Indy from turning into Jell-O? You tell us.

Depending on whether you’ve ever seen the much-maligned Indiana Jones reboot Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, you may or may not be familiar with the Indiana Jones fridge scene in question. If you haven’t, you still don’t have to. You can keep living your good life, open and free.

At one point, Nazis (why does it always have to be Nazis) abandon Indiana Jones in a fake town because there is going to be a nuclear detonation. With a mere minute to improvise, Indy hides inside one of the model homes by implanting himself within a refrigerator. The detonation winds up shooting him miles away, where he has maybe a dozen rough landings, and eventually tumbles out of the fridge unscathed. And not nuked. It is one of the many bad parts in a movie collected from bad parts. This isn’t even opinion: these are facts.

On Reddit in r/FanTheories, user That_secret_cord posted a little food for thought:

“Indiana Jones drinking from the Holy Grail helped him survive unlikely scenarios, most notably the infamous fridge scene.”

Oh wow. That’s kinda great, right? We all forget that Indy sampled of the un-yet-very-holy cup back in Last Crusade and now has the power of eternal life, right?

Here’s that scene, in case — like me — you totally lapsed on this turn of events:

In your mind, does that help explain this nonsense:

If you want to get really deep into the fan theory, there’s an extra hilarious thread spinning off into eternity right here. Some suggest that the healing properties of the grail do not extend beyond the cave in which it was found, while others are pushing a more “regenerative property” approach. The advanced age of the Knights both supports and betrays this theory. … Just … just go there if you want to hash this out. As for me, I think that fridge flying through the air would turn a man into Jell-O, but hey, MAGIC!

Reminder, you can still find the toy that “celebrates” this cinematic moment.

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