It's About to Go Down Even More in the DM

Twitter has added video recording and sharing options for Direct Messages.


Yo Gotti would be proud; with Twitter’s new announcement that video recording and sharing will be added to Direct Messaging, it’s about to go down in the DM even more than it already was. The feature will soon be available to iOS and Android users, and it follows the addition of the GIF button, which was announced earlier today. Sliding into someone’s DMs is about to become a lot less casual.

The new video capabilities for Twitter’s Direct Messaging section is just one item in a long list of recent modifications the app has made to stay relevant. For example, before the GIF button was added, Twitter changed the star icon for “favorites” to a heart icon for “likes” and added polls that users can create for their followers to answer. Now that Twitter’s Direct Messaging has video capabilities, it’s back in competition with Instagram for the best social media apps for flirting or, the more likely case, sending unwarranted explicit material to random people. Plenty of dating and sex apps don’t even allow users to exchange videos, so who knows — maybe Twitter and Instagram will make Tinder or Grindr obsolete. Next time you go to open up your DMs on Twitter, consider that what was stationary before, may now be moving around. Carpe DM.