New 'Game of Thrones' Season 6 Teaser Knowingly Fucks With Us. It's Great.

Tonight's new trailer leans into fan theory and delivers an unexpected image.

Is Jon Snow dead? Depends on which promotion you trust. Tonight’s new teaser — a preview for the forthcoming Season 6 — isn’t giving the show’s audience anything concrete, but seems delighted to deliver a number of ambiguous images that’ll get the forums bouncing. Game of Thrones is the show the modern state of pop culture deserves, and it knows it.

In the new teaser, we get a glimpse of the House of Black and White, the temple where Jaqen H’ghar led Arya Stark in order to train her as the assassin she seems destined to be. Some of Game of Thrones’ most familiar (now deceased) faces line the temple — Ned Stark, Lady Catelyn, Rob — and, just to hammer the point home, Jon Snow is included in the clip with a healthy voiceover. While Jon Snow himself loves keeping the fans guessing about his character’s cloudy fate, his presence in the trailer is a predictably cheeky outcome.

But what about this face?

Or any of these faces?

LOL, we know nothing. Season 6 is powering forward, no matter what George R.R. Martin has planned for his long-promised new book. Watch the new clip below. The new season premieres on April 24.

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