The Original Ending to 'Step Brothers' Was Unbelievably Dark

Adam McKay reveals the original twist.

Variety just ran a piece on an Oscars luncheon and some random tidbits picked up from talking to big cool important Hollywood types. Adam McKay happened to drop this:

“McKay was asked to reveal a secret he hadn’t told yet and when he struggled for an answer, this reporter suggested he tell us ‘the real ending of Step Brothers.’ McKay responded, ‘There actually was an idea for an alternate ending! Ferrell and I started laughing at one point about the ending and we thought we’d end with the two of them saying, “We’re finally going to be grownups!” And you cut to them in Army uniforms in the back of a truck rumbling down the back of a desert road looking at each other and you see a sign that says “Fallujah, 3 Kilometers.” We told Judd [Apatow] and Sony the idea and they said you are not allowed to shoot that. But it made us laugh so hard. It would have bummed everyone out.’”

What. The. Hell.

I’m not the biggest Step Brothers fan in the world, although it has inspired an actual Catalina Island Wine Mixer, so that’s pretty chill.

Still, this is a hell of an ending. Sure, it might be a little too Arrested Development, but, oh boy, would that have left some theaters across the United States full of angry and confused people.