'Far Cry Primal''s Charge Trailer Embraces the Obvious

Because sometimes, you just have to charge a giant tiger with a tiny bone.

At some point in our lives, we’ve all had a moment where we wondered how the hell we got ourselves in a particular situation — kayaking without a paddle, bringing a knife to a gun fight, or, in the case of Far Cry Primal, deciding to fight a sabertooth tiger with a small bone club. But no matter the situation, odds are we’re all going to take a step back and simply mutter, “Seriously?”

Well, that’s exactly how many gamers reacted back when Ubisoft announced that the next installment of Far Cry was going to take away the guns, the helicopters and the technology in favor of stone tools, pet animals, and fur pelt outfits. Instead of fighting against it, however, the latest trailer for Far Cry Primal does the exact opposite — embracing the expected reaction and turning it into a quirky trailer about their newest release.

The trailer itself takes us back through combat history, touching on popular franchises from Ubisoft’s roster like Ghost Recon, Assassin’s Creed and For Honor with battles from the present past and future — all culminating with the transition into the Stone Age we’ll be experiencing in Far Cry Primal. It’s a short trailer filled with plenty of gunshots, humorous confusion, and great music.

While I haven’t had time with Far Cry Primal yet, I will say that Ubisoft’s new setting and focus on authenticity are quite welcome changes of direction for the franchise. With a promised 30-hour campaign and a focus on single-player over multiplayer, it sure seems like they’re going in the right direction.

Far Cry Primal releases on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 February 23.

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