Gene and Billie Have No Chill When It Comes to Channing Tatum on Last Night's 'Idiotsitter'

Channing Tatum guest-starred on 'Idiotsitter' and the flirting was out of control.

Comedy Central

Four episodes into Comedy Central’s Idiotsitter, it is clear that Gene and Billie are equally stupid, though in entirely different ways. While the show’s premise promises a one-way dynamic — Billie as the idiotic Gene’s “babysitter” — they have each repeatedly proved to require the other’s supervision. Last night’s Idiotsitter enacted the classic trope of introducing a love interest between two close friends and watching them subsequently battle it out. In “Hos Before Bros,” Channing Tatum, aka Trick Maloy, played a dim football jock who brought out the funniest in our two leads by provoking them into aggressive flirting.

Jillian Bell in 'Idiotsitter.'

Comedy Central

When Gene’s dad announces that Trick — the quarterback of the football team he owns — will be staying at their house as he plans his next career move, Gene and Billie are initially unfazed, cracking jokes about his name. (Which, to be fair, is indeed appropriate for a “bisexual pool player” or “an Irish magician.”) Once Trick saunters into the mansion, however, and Gene and Billie witness the glory of the Tatum firsthand, the flirting games begin. Even Gene’s stepmom can’t help herself, resorting to provocatively stationing herself in doorways.

Charlotte Newhouse in 'Idiotsitter.'

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That Trick is really just a shallow, uncomplicated guy brings out sides of Gene and Billie that we haven’t seen before. As usual, Tatum plays the sexy, dumb guy with impressive ease and healthy doses of self-awareness and exaggeration. A dreamscape David Bowie is where Tatum truly shines. While Trick’s sex appeal totally strips Gene of a filter — within 10 seconds of meeting him, she tells him that she “likes it wet” — Billie instinctively cowers in fear of the hot boy, repeatedly embarrassing herself. The two actors are in their respective powerhouses when they flirt with Jillian Bell’s confrontational, deadpan approach flourishing and Charlotte Newhouse’s heavily-improvised style, conveying her nervousness perfectly.

Channing Tatum as David Bowie in 'Idiotsitter.'

Comedy Central

The episode ends with Gene and Billie throwing garbage at each other as they fight over him, unaware that he has already left the house. It’s safe to say that the two new friends will never let a boy come between them again, but it wouldn’t be the worst premise to repeat itself on the show, as it truly brings the comedy.