New Footage of Largest Shark Ever Filmed Released

She'd be huge, even if she wasn't pregnant.

Michael Maier; Barcroft TV

The largest Great White shark ever caught on film is back and bigger than we remember.

The crew that that encountered Deep Blue back in November, 2013, just released the full footage of the underwater rendezvous, and the monster mommy is giving us Jaws flashbacks but on steroids — a lot of steroids.

We had the chance to meet then-pregnant Deep Blue last year during the Discovery Channel’s Shark Week, but the new footage gives a more intimate and intimidating view of the massive fish as she cruises off the coast of Guadalupe Island, Mexico.

Deep Blue spends most of the film gliding through the sea, munching on chunks of meat left out by the crew, though at one point she does go after some less prepared food: a diver.

There were no hard feelings, and the two high-five shortly after the spat.

“Everything was all very well-prepared, and all the team felt safe,” Michael Maier, the expedition leader, told Barcroft TV. It’s pretty hard to imagine feeling safe when you’re that close to a 20-foot aquatic animal. The footage alone is almost enough to make us lifelong shoebies.

Michael Maier/ Barcroft USA

The encounter is a good thing for viewers who love (to fear) sharks, but it also suggests the Great White population is doing okay, though the species is currently considered “vulnerable.” Deep Blue was likely pregnant with several Great White pups at the time of this footage that have likely taken to the seas themselves.

Michael Maier / Barcroft USA

Her awesome size also indicates she’s given birth a number of times over the course of her decades, possibly littering the sea with as many as a couple hundred little Deep Blues. And they’re coming to a beach near you …

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