Frinkiac Is the Visual 'Simpsons' Search Engine the World Has Been Waiting For

"Here it is, everybody. The world's greatest website."

Need some mindless entertainment? Try Frinkiac, an addictive new searchable database of The Simpsons that’s also a meme-generator.

The Simpsons are infinitely quotable. Programmers Paul Kehrer, Sean Schulte, and Allie Young, after reflecting upon this fact, acknowledged their resultant duty: Make all Simpsons episodes from Season 1 to 15 — arguably the show’s golden era, but here in in Season 27 it’s still very good — searchable. And because it’s 2016, the trio made it extremely easy to generate a meme from the moment of your choosing.

So they did it. They transformed 335 episodes into over 3 million screenshots, indexing each screenshot with its associated text from the actual episode. They made the database searchable — it updates as you type — and they made each moment and quote meme-able.

And then they dubbed it Frinkiac, out of deference to the estimable Professor Frink.

Kehrer posted an update on his blog in which he explains some of the features:

The more you type, the more accurate your search becomes. For example, “kill anyone who looks” isn’t accurate enough to find Rex Banner, so keep typing, “kill anyone who looks at me cockeyed” to find the scene. Of course… it turns out that was the only scene in which the Simpsons ever said “cockeyed”.

And Schulte, another creator, took to Twitter to tell his story with Frinkiac memes:

As he told Wired:

One thing I wasn’t expecting—or didn’t know how to think about—was how people other than us would search for things. We started from an almost encyclopedic memory of Simpsons quotes, which is kind of the basic unit of Thinking About The Simpsons for us. From seeing search queries, that’s not exactly common: many people seem to search for a description of the scene rather than just what is being said out loud.

Here’re a few more we compiled to give you a taste of how fun it can be. But don’t just take our word for it: why don’t you try it and see for yourself?