Go Undercover With Sudo, an App to Let You Adopt Multiple Identities

It allows for anonymous texts, calls, and credit card transactions.

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It seems like it’s just about every day that there’s another massive security breach, dumping a entire database of private information into the hands of scoundrels. I basically assume there’s an underground cabal in Geneva that knows the name of my first pet, my social security number, and what I dream about at night. Enter Sudo, as in “pseudo” as in “pseudonym”: The free app allows a user to create an anonymous persona, complete with an incognito email address, phone number, and — soon — credit card. You can scope the iOS version here.

Right off the bat, Sudo — from the aptly-named Anonyome Labs — has a clean design and is super easy to use. It sets up a new email for you, which might be its weakest function. If you want to create a free burner email to write Nigerian prince spam tomes with, you can just do that on Gmail, Yahoo, or nearly anywhere else. The new, anonymous phone number is another story. Sudo cops a local number and uses it as a sort of nuevo burner. Wire aspirants take note: I called my girlfriend with my new Sudo digits and, lo and behold, it showed up on caller ID and went through. What’s more, Sudo claims that you can call or text “anyone in the world for free” using its service. Righteous.

I chose the name "C Dogg" because I'm very mature.


This month — according to the app — Sudo will also be rolling out a credit card mirroring service. It will take your card and, much like Apple Pay, generate a new sequence of numbers for each transaction. It’s a welcome innovation for people who are tripping about stolen identities. Used in combination with all of Sudo’s other features, you can toe the line between being paranoid and smart.