'The Something' Will Be the First Stoner Comedy Set in Space

James Franco and Seth Rogen will take their stoner saga to the stars.

The Hollywood Reporter broke the story on a new Seth Rogen film, which will also star Zach Galifianakis and Bill Hader. All of the news, from the film’s cast to its producers to its screenwriter, sounds promising.

The film, which is apparently called The Something, will follow these three comedians as astronauts who come across an unidentified ship while floating in space. At one point, Rose Byrne was slated to appear in the film, and some sources imply that the film will follow five astronauts, in which case two roles have not yet been announced.

Notably, the film will be produced by Point Grey Pictures, the company led by Seth Rogen and his childhood friend and lifelong writing partner, Evan Goldberg. Point Grey Pictures also produced 50/50, Neighbors, and most notably, This Is the End, the highly underrated film that introduced Seth Rogen’s potential as a genre cinema writer and star.

It’s likely that The Something will have a lot of silliness, but adding Galifianakis into the mix typically makes a film darker. Yes, the film is coming from the folks who made Neighbors, but 50/50 was incredibly, almost unwatchably bleak, so there’s a chance The Something might allow its trifecta of dark humorists to explore real feelings of dread.

Consider the final, post-apocalyptic scenes in This Is the End, and the earnest heart that beats inside of every film Seth Rogen makes with James Franco. Rogen knows how to do two things very, very well on screen: bumble around and show raw, vulnerable emotion for his male costars.

Since we’ve already seen Seth Rogen and his buddies tackle high fantasy apocalyptic comedy with gusto, watching them comment on Danny Boyle’s Sunshine and Alien should be just as fun.

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