'The Flash:' "Fast Lane" (S2 E12)

Is Earth-2 Harry going “Earth-1” on the team?

The Flash is the story of Barry Allen, a superhero who fights for what’s right, works with his friends, and reveals his secret identity to at least one person a week. In fact, almost every character on the show knows Barry is Flash, except for his now ex-girlfriend Patty Spivot.

This week’s show

… starts with Harry talking to himself, revealing to us out here in TV Land, beyond the Fourth Wall, that he’s created a device to hide in Barry/ Flashs clothes that will allow for collection of Barry’s Speed Force, so he can give it to Zoom, who has his daughter as a prisoner. If he doesn’t collect Barry’s speed for Zoom, Harry’s child will pay the price.

Earth-2 Harry builds a device to steal The Flash's speed, on the CW Networks show "The Flash."

Meanwhile, there’s a new metahuman on the scene — made of tar. He can shapeshift and hot-tar people right into the grave.

The metahuman known as "Tar Pit," on the CW Networks show "The Flash."

Flash runs to grab “Tar Pit,” and Harry activates his Speed Force Collector.

Harry activates his Speed force collector, on the CW Networks show "The Flash."

Success all around, as Flash defeats Tar Dude and Harry gets a vial full of electro-energy … Speed Force in a bottle!

Collected speed force, on the CW Networks show "The Flash."

Barry seems OK, but Cisco says Flash was moving slower than normal. Hmmm. So Harry gives Zoom some of Barry’s speed. Zoom likes it, but wants more.

Zoom injects some of The Flash's stolen speed force, on the CW Networks show "The Flash."

Meanwhile, Barry’s feeling tired …

Barry doesn't know he's feeling his speed force drained, on the CW Networks show "The Flash."

… and when he has to save Iris from a piece of flying glass, his speed force depletion slows him down, and Iris takes one in the chest.

Iris West gets a piece of flying glass in the chest, on the CW Networks show "The Flash."

Harry admits to the team, “Yes, I stole Barry’s speed.”

Harry admits he's been stealing Barry's speed, on the CW Networks show "The Flash."

And Joe West, (Iris’s dad) gives him a knuckle punch-wich.

Joe West punches Harry, on the CW Networks show "The Flash."

However, they forgive him, understanding he did it for his daughter and they get that. The next move: Team Flash is going to Earth-2 to take on Zoom.

Earth-2? Who knows what to expect? All we know is, Barry didn’t tell one person he’s The Flash in this episode. But there are so many people on Earth-2 to talk with … can his secret survive the interdimensional journey? Find out next Tuesday at 8 p.m. on the CW.

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