Twitter Burn of the Week: Feel the Burn, Bern

As you might expect, the Iowa caucuses brought out the hot fire tweets. 

Getty Images

Bernie Sanders may or may not be thrilled by his performance against Hillary Clinton in Iowa, where he finished within one half of 1 percent of winning it all. Whatever the case, he got people talking about his candidacy. But, also, he had to feel the brunt of some choice words lobbed at him. James Colley, an Australian satirist and writer, might have had the final word on the whole affair:

Here’s an explanation for those of you who might’ve been watching The Bachelor last evening: What we’ve got here is a classic double entendre. Not only does Senator Sanders habitually rail against the wealthiest citizens of our fair nation — “the 1 percent” — he came within that margin of defeating the Clinton machine. Even more impressive was Colley’s luck and/or prescience, as Clinton could’ve surged ahead by more than one percent as the ballots were being counted overnight. But she didn’t and we are left with an epic Bern burn. Throw in the fact that Colley seemingly knows more about our political players than many Americans do and you’ve got the recipe for a must-follow fella.