'Ant Simulator' Developers Blew Their Entire Budget on Strippers and Booze

The LLC's lead programmer announced his departure and cancelled the game

Eric Tereshinski, the lead programmer on the Ant Simulator game, announced via YouTube on January 30 that he had cancelled the game’s development. As Tereshinski described, his now ex-coworkers blew “a majority” of the game’s funding on restaurants, bars, and performances from strippers.

Ant Simulator, which was both crowdfunded and supported through private investments, released a beta version in November and was well received as a fun and lifelike survival game. According to his contract, Tereshinski is legally obligated to give up developing the game, and is liable for a lawsuit if he refuses to take down his popular game development tutorials. His business partners have threatened to sue if he continues developing his game without them, Tereshinski reports in his video, his typically upbeat and enthused voice now hardened.

SegmentNext suggested that the trend in misspending development funds is an all-too popular problem in start-up culture, and writer Sarmad Lillah called people, like some of those at Ant Simulator, a “cancerous element” in the gaming community.

It’s not clear what Tereshinski will work on next, but considering the fact that his likable voice led the company’s gaming tutorials, he’ll probably pick up where he left off with another engaging game or web series soon enough.