On Second Thought, Noomi Rapace Won’t Appear in ‘Alien: Covenant’

Director Ridley Scott confirmed the Swedish actress won't be involved in the 'Prometheus' sequel. 


Prometheus actress Noomi Rapace, the (spoiler) only human character to survive the events of that movie, won’t be in director Ridley Scott’s follow-up, Alien: Covenant. Scott confirmed the news that Rapace won’t be returning for more xenomorphic hijinks in the Prometheus sequel/Alien prequel to the Daily Mail (via Yahoo).

Rapace played scientist Elizabeth Shaw in 2012’s Prometheus, which also starred Charlize Theron, Guy Pearce, Idris Elba, and that one guy that kind of looks like a skinny Tom Hardy. And while audiences assumed we’d see a brief continuation of her story in the new movie after she and the android David (played by Michael Fassbender) rocketed away from LV-223 to go find humanity’s origins, it looks like that’ll be the last time we’ll hear from her.

Scott previously confirmed that Rapace would appear in the prequel/sequel, but only in a cameo. That storyline seems to have been cut or changed entirely. When the Daily Mail asked Scott if Rapace would return, the British director responded with a simple “no” and added, “We’re still casting the main roles.”

News broke last week that Alien: Covenant was casting a wide range of “skinny and very tall people and Gymnasts, Contortionists, Cirque du Soleil type performers.” We speculated that might mean we’ll get to see a whole bunch of Engineers, the pale white beefy dudes from Prometheus, or xenomorphs, the iconically phallic aliens from Scott’s movie and its sequels.

But the news of nixing Rapace just seems like Scott is making it up as he goes along. It already changed its name a few times and had the number of planned sequels shake up from two to three.

But this direction makes it obvious that Fox wants to ditch the emphasis on Prometheus and stress that sweet sweet Alien name recognition moving forward. There are going to be lots of aliens, and no continuity. But if that’s the case, it makes you wonder why the studio scrapped director Neill Blomkamp’s plans to make a proper Alien sequel with Sigourney Weaver. It seems Scott might have pulled rank to do what he wanted to do first.

Find out if Scott made the right decision when Alien: Covenant is released in theaters on October 6th, 2017.