'Gilmore Girls' Is a Go on Netflix

Four movies, one for each season, will hopefully make up for Season 7.

Oy! With the announcements already. Gilmore Girls is reportedly a go at Netflix. The rumors, apparently true, put the return to Stars Hollow in the form of four 90-minute movies, each set during a different season of the year. Amy Sherman-Palladino and her husband and fellow Gilmore Girls executive producer Daniel Palladino are writing and directing the four films which take place in current day, presumably acknowledging that a lot has changed between when we last saw the Girls in the dreadful, Palladino-less Season 7.

Since the show resurfaced on Netflix a few years back, fandom has been at an all-time high, in part due to efforts of obsessive fans like the Gilmore Guys podcast; you can read an interview with Demi Adejuyigbe from said podcast about our shared love of all things Stars Hollow.

After lengthy negotiations, Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel have closed deals to reprise their roles as the mother-daughter duo of Lorelai and Rory. The Gilmore Girls quartet is returning intact, with Scott Patterson and Kelly Bishop signed on to reprise their roles as Luke and Emily alongside Bledel and Graham. Also, returning are Kirk and Lane.

It looks like fans were right to get their hopes up after set photos leaked last year:

With the rest of the cast secured — especially the crucial Sean Gunn — we now await in abject horror, the potential announcement of April Nardini’s long and terrible reign.

Image by Joe Starr

But really, there are a lot of questions here over how Palladino will handle the season she was un-invited to participate in her own show. Will they go the Community route and gas leak the whole season, or does Palladino have to build upon the burnt rubble and salted earth that an awful writer’s room left her marooned with. Thankfully, there’s enough time between events to get rid of the muck and return with a strong outing about powerful women who can eat cheeseburgers all day long and never gain a pound.

If they’ve both had heart-attacks in the years between seasons, that wouldn’t surprise anyone. Coffee is a helluva thing.

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