Peter Molyneux Parody Twitter Account Reveals Genius Game Ideas

This parody account of the famous video game designer could carry his legacy when he actually retires.


For a brief time yesterday, video game designer Peter Moylneux was retiring. The man behind Fable also has a bit of a reputation for being an adolescent shut-in in a 56-year-old’s body; recently he tweeted he was bowing out of the game of games and would be removing his most recent game Godus from Steam.

But not to worry; this wasn’t actually Peter Moylneux. The eccentric creator claims to have been hacked. (Sike!) On the other hand, this Moylneux-less lull was the perfect time to hit up @PeterMolydeux, an exquisite Twitter parody of the British native. Given that the real Molyneux has sky-high ambitions that reality cannot possibly support, his spoof account is rife with shockingly ingenious ideas that — call us crazy — would make for awesome indie experiments.

To be honest, that might work better for Shia LaBeouf.


I’ve lost enough friends to FarmVille.

Otherwise known as The Big Short: The Game.

Pretty sure that was Mad Max.

What if there were a game in which killing someone resulted in a brief cutaway scene to their grieving orphan’s birthday party?

Those last two are already in a game. It’s called A Relationship.

Well …