McDonald's to Tempt Fate, Add McGriddle to All-Day Breakfast Menu

The McGriddle is coming to the 24/7 breakfast lineup. Is the apocalypse near?

It may be hard to remember now, but at one point in time, people thought the advent of all-day breakfast at McDonald’s was a bad idea. It’s been a huge success, however, based on McDonald’s 4Q earnings last year, and has changed the whole outlook of the company’s business. All-day breakfast is here to stay; haters, to the left.

While all-day breakfast has been a boon for business, at the moment, the international chain features a limited product menu; right now, that menu includes only items made with biscuits and english muffins. Yesterday, McDonald’s announced that they would be adding McGriddles to the list, doubling down on breakfast. The initial test market is Tulsa, Oklahoma but McDonald’s will expand to other cities soon.

Is McDonald’s tempting the very hands of fate here, twisting the universe to achieve a new state of balance? Almost definitely yes. While there are concerns of strain on the chains — “They didn’t go nearly far enough in paring down the menu,” says consultant and former franchisee Richard Adams — it all sounds a lot like the chatter about the initial rollout of the new menu. And how did that turn out?

You already know how it turned out. McGriddles for some; miniature American flags for others.