Giphy Brought GIFs to Tinder and Love Will Never Be The Same

The GIF search engine has landed on Tinder. What could happen next?

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Last night, Tinder unveiled a new partnership with Giphy — the service with which you may be familiar and already sick of if you function in a Slack-based work environment. It will to allow you to communicate with someone you’re matched with. The promotional slogan? “Say more with GIFs on Tinder!”

It’s iO9-only for now, so don’t get worried about realigning your coy chat game yet, Droidheads, but here’s what your future on Tinder could look like, as outlined in this new, very chill PR clip:

Life looks just a little better, right? Tinder has now bought into the internet-wide fallacy that GIFs do in fact get at something which language still can’t quite hack. “Say more” implies precision, but of course, the function only lets iPhone users choose from two or three pictures based on whatever word you input. Giphy is a sound concept, but it’s buggy. So you might think it’s cute, and maybe the other person will as well, but whatever else is true, this shift should not be taken lightly. It’s likely to make communication way more complicated, inevitably annoying, and maybe put you off on somebody you might have otherwise gotten along with very well.

It will divide the relationships of the future along “GIF lovers” and “non-GIF lovers” line, which might have happened anyway, but now it will certainly be more drastic, and presumably set off sea changes we don’t even understand yet. The genetic makeup of the Earth’s population could change in a decade or two as a result; this is uncharted territory.

/giphy Sup babe you like Chris Kattan or what

At least the new Tinder update allows you to “like” and react specifically to messages now, so approval can be a little clearer, even as everything else goes off the deep end.

So iPhone Tinder users, get on there now and make some endlessly replaying little mistakes you can’t take back.

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