Stephen Amell Confirms Oliver's Missing Goatee in 'Legends of Tomorrow'

And Connor Hawke, and a missing arm, all in the upcoming sixth episode.

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Stephen Amell, the star of Arrow — and WWE Slammy Award winner — let loose on his popular Facebook page today with some revealing details about an upcoming episode of Legends of Tomorrow, the crossover mini-series featuring superheroes from all stripes of the CW’s Arrowverse.

In no uncertain terms: Oliver’s goatee, Oliver’s one arm, and Connor Hawke will be featured in the sixth episode of Legends of Tomorrow.

A quick scan of the comments section reveals the expected amount of joy and excitement from Arrow fans known to use pictures of Amell and his wife as their phone wallpapers. Here’s a quick rundown of the cause of their joy:

The goatee: Oliver Queen, as depicted in his comic books, is a wise-cracking Robin Hood/Batman hybrid with a truly remarkable goatee. It’s his signature, like Superman’s cleft chin or Batman’s childhood depression. When Arrow decided to feature a decidedly clean-shaven Green Arrow, hardcore fans were pretty mad. (Granted, Oliver wasn’t even going by “Green Arrow” in the first three seasons, so everyone’s standards varied.)

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The one arm: By virtue of this happening in the time-hopping, high-concept arena of Legends of Tomorrow, it’s possible the goatee-rocking Oliver that Amell just portrayed was in fact of a different dimension. In DC lore, the anti-establishment Oliver Queen of Earth-31 (the universe where Frank Miller’s Dark Knight Returns takes place) had his arm ripped off by a government-backed Superman.

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Who is Connor Hawke?

Ah, Connor. In the original DC continuity, Connor Hawke was the son of Oliver Queen and the second Green Arrow. Though the Arrow and The Flash crossover “Legends of Yesterday” already introduced Oliver’s son, that kid won’t become a future archer. Instead, it is possible that the Connor Hawke of Legends of Tomorrow will take after his New 52 version, making him the Red Arrow of Earth Two. Honestly, even we’re a little confused there.

But this season’s Arrow and The Flash both have shown a willingness to deviate sharply from the comic lore, so Connor Hawke in Legends of Tomorrow could be someone entirely different.

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