Neil deGrasse Tyson Responds to B.o.B’s Diss Track With His Own Song


Neil deGrasse Tyson didn’t wait long to put out a diss track in response to Atlanta rapper B.o.B.’s flat-Earth truther anthem “Flatine.” On Tuesday, the astrophysicist released “Flat To Fact,” which actually has his nephew, Steve, doing most of the rapping:

The whole thing started when Tyson responded on Monday to a series of bizarre tweets by B.o.B that put forth a poorly-supported argument for why the Earth is not round, but flat. Tyson replied with a series of his own Tweets, and this morning, B.o.B. put out this song:

“Flat To Fact” uses the beat from Drake’s “Back to Back,” and — strictly in terms of hip-hop — it’s actually a worse song than “Flatline.” The production is horrible. Steve’s voice is really annoying. And somehow, Carl Sagan’s great name gets dragged into this. (So does Donald Trump and actress Stacey Dash, but I don’t imagine many people will come to their defense.)

Most egregiously, the track uses its last minute or so to suggest Tyson and B.o.B put all this behind them and be friends. What? That’s not how rap beefs work, though.

This is all horrible. Thankfully, the internet has been pretty good about turning a bad situation in a somewhat tolerable one. They’re doing so with images like this:

And this:

And this!

And yes, this: