Watch These Snowball Fights Captured by Drones and GoPros All Over the East Coast

From chill drone footage to thrilling ground-level warfare, you can see it all.

What’s a snowed-over college campus to do in the wake of a massive snowstorm? Organize a snowball fight, of course. And because we have drones, we now have footage of this massive affair from the air.

If you can get over the Very Chill Muzak (maybe just hit mute), the aerial view offered by the below video shows a few hundred Virginia Tech students at the Blacksburg, Virginia campus really going for it:

The Virginia Tech affair is known as the annual Cadet vs. Civilian snowball fight.

Here’s what it looked like from the ground:

And while this snowball fight in Dupont Circle in Washington, D.C. lacks slick drone views or a chill soundtrack, it makes up for it with street-level enthusiasm:

And while that video above seems downright cheery, this video below — also shot at Dupont Circle — filmed with what has to be a GoPro head-mounted camera, has hilarious guttural war cries: