Which Side of Marvel's 'Civil War' Would Fox's Deadpool Be On?

Team Captain American or Team Iron Man?

20th Century Fox

Assassin Wade Wilson (the titular Deadpool of 20th Century Fox’s Deadpool) is a proud and amoral jerk. While Tony Stark and Steve Rogers are set to go against one another on the issue of government oversight in the upcoming Captain America: Civil War, Wade is a character who has always favored his violence less politically motivated. Still, if intellectual property licensing weren’t an issue, you could bet Deadpool would be running amok in Civil War, so the question remains: For whom would he theoretically fight?

The easy answer is “himself,” as it’s difficult to imagine a guy like Deadpool taking anyone’s orders. Dusting off the old comic stack, we remember that this was, in fact, exactly what Deadpool did on the page.

Officially, Deadpool was completely down with the Registration Act. In Cable & Deadpool #30-32 (by Fabian Nicieza & Staz Johnson), Deadpool’s skills made him an ace asset for a shady government operation that let him hunt powered individuals who hadn’t registered for the Superhuman Registration Act. Granted, it was mostly an excuse for Deadpool to do what he loves with full government support, and the Merc With a Mouth ended up going after the Great Lakes Avengers of all people — Marvel’s premier Z-listers.

Civil War’s movie adaptation looks to be a much more personal story with Bucky Barnes’ soul hanging in the balance — not quite the right setup for Deadpool to hack and slash his way through. Tony Stark is likewise putting on his serious, and possibly even sober, hat for this one, making it doubtful that he would have much patience for Wade’s shenanigans. Finally, with a confirmed young Spider-Man appearance on the docket, there will even be children present. Not to mention that Deadpool has often proved to be a very detrimental influence on Peter Parker.

Art by Skottie Young

All things considered, it might be best for Deadpool to remain in his own hyper-violent Fox sandbox with sparse X-Men visitors, as he simply doesn’t seem to be a great fit for an increasingly dour Marvel Cinematic Universe. Thanks, tedious intellectual property disagreements!