How to Take Google's Deep Learning Class Online for Free

The search giant wants people to work with the tech that will power the next generation of technology.

Dierk Schaefer

Google is launching a three-month long course on deep learning through educational site Udacity.

The site already offers all order of classes pertaining to data science, web development, and software engineering — an in-depth class on how to teach computers rather than program them is a natural fit for those who want to shape the next generation of digital technologies. And besides, students will be learning from Vincent Vanhoucke, principal research scientist at Google. Dude knows what he’s talking about.

Vanhoucke emphasizes that this course will make deep learning accessible to anyone who invests the requisite six hours a week to work through course materials. You don’t need a supercomputer or any resources beyond a well-functioning personal computer. “Reading the flurry of recent popular press around deep learning, you might rightfully wonder: isn’t deep learning just a ‘Big Data’ thing? Don’t I need the computing resources of Google or Facebook to take advantage of it? Isn’t there a lot of ‘black magic’ involved in making these models tick?” he writes. “As someone from industry who accidentally fell into deep learning while working on Google Voice Search just five years ago, I’ve seen how nothing can be further from the truth.”

This ought to be a compelling case for anyone with an engineering background to get started with deep learning. It’s the very technology that Google uses for everything from voice recognition to Google Photos to high-level artificial intelligence work, presented accessibly to you online at no cost. Students of this Udacity course will be working with TensorFlow, Google’s open source deep learning software.

If you’re still reading and intrigued, there’s no need to wait; you can get started with the Google-approved deep learning course right now by clicking here.

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