Ask An Algorithm: 'Suicide Squad' Hype 

You have questions about 'Suicide Squad' hype? The algorithm is here to provide answers. 

In lieu of employing an advice columnist, Inverse uses a Python script and some light math to average out the many, many, many opinions the internet has on any given subject. This remains an imperfect science.

Dear Algorithm,

I’m a big Suicide Squad fan and am generally excited for the movie. That said, I’m not impressed with the DC Cinematic Universe thus far and I have serious doubts. Should I get excited anyway, or try to temper it?

Fanboy in Fort Lauderdale

Dear Fanboy,

“Such exploitation of fandom in the name of naked hucksterism must make them furious! Do they riot?”

However, Suicide Squad may very well be the best — or worst — comic book movies.

We feel that “Suicide Squad” is a frequent topic around here – and in the world. Each new image, piece of news, and marketing release stirs the pot anew. There’s a feeling of excitement across the web.

When the body is excited, it provides the perfect conditions that haven’t come out yet, but which they think will be cool. That seems odd. Following closely on the benefits of giving superhero movies.

A film following such a team would be deeply rooted in the DC Comics’ villains operate within the fantastical world of comic book movies.

Myself have been eagerly watching they see and everything


Your Friendly Neighborhood Algorithm

Dear Algorithm,

Ever since the new Suicide Squad trailer dropped, my friends have been going nuts over it. I hang with a comic-con-happy crowd, both in real life and on the internet. The thing is, I really couldn’t give less of a fuck. But I don’t want to be excluded from the conversations; I like being part of these things! What should I do?

Conflicted in Colorado

Dear Conflicted,

With his name attached, fans are already expecting something and lose it. You’ve probably experienced it yourself. This thing encapsulates everything is all over the Internet right away, but still.

These fans have flooded social media with that same outpouring of emotion, for Malik’s departure or for the release of George Miller’s Mad Max: Fury Road. Shortly ahead, Hardy does have people who love something about their production of The Revenant currently on his plate and his worldwide tour.

Ayer is practically tailor-fitted to material like this thing encapsulates everything that’s what popular culture — everybody had a good time, but from the outside looking in, it kind of sounds like this.

That’s what popular culture is now! We have a handful of basic touchstones, and rave or complaints if they look different. I hope everybody had a good time, but from the outside looking in, we just want riffs off of them — sequels, remakes, reboots, prequels, spin-offs, etc.

And then we’ll obsessively deconstruct those teasers and trailers the second they’re available — though if you want to hear everything is all over the Internet right away, but still.


Your Friendly Neighborhood Algorithm

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