'The Flash:' "Potential Energy"

Barry has to decide whether or not to tell Patty who he is, or if he even should.

"The Flash" (CW)

The Flash is the story of Barry Allen, a superhero who fights for what’s right, works with his friends, and reveals his secret identity to at least one person a week. In fact, almost every character on the show knows Barry is Flash, except for girlfriend Patty Spivot. Hmmm…

At the top of the show, Patty is already asking Iris about Barry’s mysterious ways. Can he possibly keep his non-secret from her any longer?

Patty Spivot, talks to Iris West about Barry on the CW show "The Flash."

"The Flash" (CW)

Meanwhile, Flash is now dealing with a new bad guy who can slow time down around himself and others, including the Scarlet Speedster.

The Flash encounters a villian who can slow down time, on the CW show "The Flash."

"The Flash" (CW)

Barry and his friends set up a trap for the new baddie (they are calling “The Turtle”) at an art gala, at which he also plans to tell Patty he’s The Flash…it’s making him nervous…if Zoom finds out about her, it would be bad (as Zoom is a killer)

Patty and Barry dance at an art gala, on the CW show "The Flash."

"The Flash" (CW) 

…but The Turtle arrives to steal, as predicted. He lashes out with his slowdown powers, drops a chandelier toward Patty, and Barry just barely saves her.

The Flash saves Patty from a falling chandelier, on the CW show "The Flash."

"The Flash" (CW) 

Flash runs off, without telling Patty his secret. She just thinks Barry dissed her, and she’s had enough of not understanding his behavior. She wants to know, Barry, what’s the deal?

Barry comes by, they argue, he leaves without spilling the beans. There’s a knock at the door. Barry?

The Turtle takes Patty prisoner, on the CW show "The Flash."

"The Flash" (CW) 

Nope, it’s The Turtle! He’s figured out Patty is important to Flash.

Patty hugs Flash after he saves her from The Turtle, on the CW show "The Flash."

"The Flash" (CW)

No worries, Flash saves Patty—who has yet to realize that Flash is Barry, and he still doesn’t tell her. Ouch.

Patty Spivot leaves town...and Barry, on the CW show "The Flash."

"The Flash" (CW) 

…and she takes a job out of town. No secret revealed, Spivot, exit stage left. Double ouch.

The Reverse Flash returns, on the CW show "The Flash."

"The Flash" (CW) 

Oh yeah, and the Reverse Flash is back.

Is Patty gone? Will she end up the first reocurring ‘Flash’ character not to know Barry’s identity? Find out next week on Tuesday, 8 p.m. on the CW.

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