50 Things on Amazon That People Can't Seem to Get Enough of

Trick out your home with these fan favorites.

by Christina X. Wood
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Certain items have their moment, then are over nearly as soon as they showed up. Other things, though, have staying power. That’s what you’ll find here. These are items that enhance your home in myriad ways — from cool kitchen gadgets to new tech to smart storage — and they all have hordes of long-term fans to prove their worth.

So join the club. Welcome to keeping a sunny, minimalist home where you cook exquisite food, maintain tidiness, prepare fine craft cocktails, and keep the humidity at a precise comfort level. It’s a tall order, sure, but it’s within reach. Just ask the thousands of satisfied buyers who can’t seem to get enough of these 50 things that are all available on Amazon.


This Little Security Camera That Can See in the Dark

Mount this little security camera inside or out to keep an eye on your home, front door, yard, or driveway from wherever you are. This wired camera never needs a battery charge because it plugs in for continuous operation. Its night vision is as clear in the dark as it is during the day and it sends a live feed to your phone or records to an (optional) Micro SD card.


A Fan-Favorite Air Fryer for Faster Meals With Less Oil

Make the best fries in town, right in your kitchen, without all the grease or calories of deep frying in this dank and handy air fryer. Or turn vegetables, fish, or chicken into delicious meals quickly and easily, while you chill on the couch waiting for dinner to be ready. You can also dehydrate fruits and other foods for easy, healthy snacks. All the parts go into the dishwasher for easy cleanup. This popular pick has a 4.8-star rating after over 43,000 reviews.


This Kitchen Thermometer With a Big, Digital Display

Cooking a perfect steak is nearly impossible without a good meat thermometer and this digital meat thermometer with a probe that deploys like the blade of a pocket knife is the one you want. It is super easy to use, has a big and readable digital display, turns on when you open the probe, and holds the temperature on the screen at the touch of a button so you don’t have to stick your face in the heat. It’s even magnetic so you can stick it to the fridge or BBQ.


An Electric Kettle That Lets You Watch the Water Boil

Not only will this borosilicate glass electric kettle bring seven cups of water to a boil quickly — in three to seven minutes — but you can watch the water boil as it does. You don’t have to, of course, because the kettle will shut itself off 15 seconds after the water boils so there are no boilovers. But it looks cool and well over 36,000 people gave it five stars.


The Portable Charger That Fits in Your Palm

If your iPhone is low on power, you don’t have to stop and wait while it charges up. Plug this fast-charging power bank into it and let it charge right in your hand. This portable charger is small and compact enough to snug into the bottom of your phone and fit easily in your hand but it is powerful enough to charge your phone 1.5 times. A digital display tells you how much power it has left. It comes in five colors.


This Solar-Powered Lantern for Camping or Home

Hang one of these solar lanterns in your tent, from trees in your campsite, or on your deck at home for a bright glow that illuminates a space without throwing sharp beams. Leave it hanging during the day to charge up on sunlight or plug it in for a fast charge via USB. It doubles as a power bank for your phone. They collapse for storage and travel, and are splashproof. Choose low or high light or a flashing SOS mode.


The Sleep Mask With Wireless Headphones Built in

When noise, light, and distractions won’t let you sleep, pull this Bluetooth sleep mask over your eyes, load up some relaxing sounds, and shut it all out. A pair of ultra-thin headphones hidden inside the ear area of the mask play at the volume you choose without putting anything into your ear canal. The eye mask completely blocks light and is lined with a super soft and comfortable material that feels nice on your skin.


A Screen Magnifier That Makes Your Phone Screen Bigger

When your phone’s small screen isn’t immersive enough for the video or TV show you want to watch on it, drop it into this screen magnifier, sit back, and enjoy the show. It uses simple magnification to enlarge the screen, which means it needs no power and is compatible with anything. It rolls up so you can stash it away — and keep it handy — when you aren’t using it.

“I don't have cable and the only way to watch the local football game was on my phone,” said one reviewer. “I set this thing up on a table, using my phone, and was able to watch the game.”


This Hack for Listening to the Airplane Movie Wirelessly

Listen to the entertainment on airplanes or at the gym through your own Bluetooth headphones or earbuds with this wireless audio transmitter. Just plug it into the headphone port on any entertainment console or device and it transmits the audio wirelessly to your headphones so you can enjoy wire-free listening.

“The worst thing is being on a flight and unable to watch/hear a movie, especially on long flights. This is a traveler must-have,” said one reviewer.


An Electric Can Opener That Leaves No Sharp Edges

Never cut your finger again while trying to dig a can lid out of a can you just opened. This electric can opener not only does all the work of getting the can open for you — just set the opener on top and touch the start button — but it also cuts the side of the can so there is no sharp edge. Then it grips the lid magnetically to lift it off. It runs on batteries so you can store it in a drawer and comes in four colors.


An Ergonomic Pizza Cutter With a Smart Design

This pizza cutter wheel makes cutting through your store-bought or homemade pizzas super easy because it puts your hand (safely) right over the blade so you have the leverage to push down and cut through toppings and crispy crust. The cutter wheel is housed in a hand-friendly cover that is easy to remove for cleaning.

“Cuts more efficiently than standard cutter since you're pushing directly down on pizza, not at a 45-degree angle,” said one of 31,000 five-star reviewers.


These Drawer Dividers That Look Custom-Made

Create customized compartments in any of your drawers — kitchen, bedroom, office — with this four-pack of bamboo drawer dividers that are spring-loaded so you can just snap them into the drawers. The rubber feet hold firmly and you can stack them for deep drawers. The results look terrific, too, as if you had your drawers built custom.


A 2-Pack of Powerfully Potent Stain Removers

Don’t let spaghetti sauce gone astray or rogue strawberry jam ruin your day (or shirt). This powerful stain remover is said to work magic with its nontoxic, biodegradable formula that still manages to pack a commercial-grade punch. Just dab away excess stain, spritz this on, wipe it off, and launder as usual.

“I’ll never go without this stuff. I use it almost daily and it works miracles,” shared one reviewer. “Not only do I use it on my kids clothes but the entire family. It takes berry stains out right before your eyes.”


This Handy Mini Fridge That Also Doubles as a Warmer

Keep a cold beverage within reach on your bedside table or desk by plugging this little mini-fridge into a standard or USB plug. It’s big enough to hold a few sodas and a snack or to keep medications or skin care products cool. You can also switch it from a cooling device to a warming one and heat up your lunch with it. It comes in seven colors and nearly 19,000 people said, “Five stars!”


These Wildly Popular Ice Packs That Stay Cold for Days

Reusable ice packs may seem like an unusual item for people to rave over, but considering these get colder than ice (down to 18 degrees), stay frozen for up to two days, and last for years, the hype makes sense. Just fill them up with water once using the included funnel and get ready for a perfectly chilled lunch, picnic snacks, and brewskis despite the hottest of weather.


A Pasta Maker for Delicious Homemade Spaghetti & More

Make your own pasta with nothing more than flour, eggs, water, and this pasta make. It rolls the pasta dough into flat shapes that are thick as you like them to be. You can choose from seven thickness levels to make wide fettuccini or thin spaghetti just by rolling the dough through the attachment.

“This machine works so well and the fresh pasta is great!!” said one reviewer.


This Hack for Making Your Trunk More Functional

If you are frustrated that items tend to fall over or roll around in your vehicle’s trunk, this trunk organizer is a simple and inexpensive solution. Just fasten it to anchor points inside the trunk and put its multiple compartments to use. It’s made of durable canvas and collapses down when not needed.


This Sushi-Making Kit That’s So Much Fun

It’s so easy to turn rice, fish, and vegetables into sushi with this sushi-making kit that you will wonder why you have been spending so much money going out. It comes with a downloadable ebook to get you started, a bamboo roller for making rolls, bamboo tools, and chopsticks.

“Making rolls is a breeze and fun!” said one reviewer. “A great starter kit for anyone interested in trying this out.”


A Quality Cheese Board With a Secret Drawer of Tools

Make an easy meal — with cheese, meat, crackers, and fruit — that can serve as dinner or provide snacks for a party with this bamboo cheese board and knife set. The big board has channels that are perfect for crackers or nuts and a secret compartment that houses a set of four cheese knives. It comes with a round bamboo serving tray and two ceramic dishes for dips, too.


This Clever Trick for Moving an Outlet

When the outlet you want to use is placed awkwardly, this outlet concealer is the easy way to move it without giving up the power it supplies. Plug the concealer plate into the outlet and it visually disappears. Then run the cord to the place you want power and plug it into the three-outlet power strip.

“Such a smart and sleek idea,” said one reviewer. “The outlet is concealed and I still have power access nearby.”


This Slim Cabinet That Fits Almost Anywhere in the Bathroom

This bathroom storage cabinet is so slender that you can sneak it into the space next to the toilet and it will take up only a 5-inch footprint. But, it will give you storage for toilet paper or other supplies, a TP dispenser, and shelves for decorations or necessaries. It comes in five colors and four heights to match your space.


An Air Quality Monitor That Connects to Alexa & Your Phone

Keep an eye on your indoor air quality by setting this air quality monitor down in a central location. It will track particulate matter, volatile organic compounds, carbon monoxide, humidity, and temperature and deliver that information to your phone and Amazon Alexa. Alexa translates all the data for you, letting you know if your air quality is good right now, while tracking it over time. You can use Alexa to turn on a smart, connected air purifier or dehumidifier in response to that data, too.


This Pan Organizer for Orderly Cupboards

Load that stack of hard-to-access pans in your cupboard onto this pan organizer and eliminate the annoying dig for the pan you need. Every pan is grab-and-go accessible this way so you don’t have to unpack the cupboard every time you need the big skillet on the bottom. You can stack them vertically or line them up horizontally and it works well for lids, platters, cutting boards, and other hard-to-store kitchen items.


The E-Reader With a Screen That Looks Like Paper

With nearly the same look as paper in a device that’s light and easy to hold, this Kindle Paperwhite makes reading so easy and convenient. It’s waterproof so you can read in the tub or take it to the beach. This e-ink screen is perfectly readable in sunlight, too. And you can keep right on reading after your bed partner insists on lights out, because it has an internal backlight. Unlike your bedside table, it can hold an entire library of reading material.


The Seat Cushion That Can Help Ease Back Pain

If you have back pain, sciatica, or another issue that makes sitting uncomfortable, drop this gel-enhanced, memory foam seat cushion into your desk chair, car seat, or wherever you want to rest, and it will soften the seating and keep your coccyx from resting on the hard surface. It’s a simple way to encourage recovery and to make bad chairs better.

“I ordered the cushion because my office chairs are very hard and caused back aches,” said one reviewer. “I’ve been sitting on it daily for two weeks and my back pain has subsided.”


This Alarm Clock That’s Also a Mirror

This elegant mirrored alarm clock looks so good you could set it on the mantle. But it is really designed to adorn your bedside table. It is silent and brings two USB charging ports and a digital alarm clock — with a five- to 60-minute snooze — to your sleeping space. The illuminated time is dimmable and has a photoreceptor that knows to go dim when you are sleeping. It also doubles as a mirror so you can check your look before you answer a video call. It comes in 12 colors.


A Nifty Game Controller for Your iPhone

Play games right from your iPhone and use all your familiar Xbox controls with this mobile gaming controller for iPhone. Plug it into the Lightning port and use the headset jack to plug in or charge your headphones. It comes with one month of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate to help you take more games with you.

“By bringing the feel of console gaming to the phone, the Backbone allows me to play competitive games like Apex Legends without having to fumble around with the touchscreen,” said one reviewer.


This Herb Keeper for Storing Fresh Herbs Longer

Fresh herbs are expensive, but they make meals so much better. This herb keeper makes it easy to keep them on hand by helping them last much longer in the fridge. The tall glass carafe, plastic cup to hold the stems, and steel center pole with a handle all work together to give greens an ideal environment to thrive: chilled and with their stems dipped into water. They will last as long as three weeks in it. Once loaded, all you do is make sure there is water in the carafe.


The Vessel Made for Collecting Bacon Grease

Do you love to use bacon grease to make popcorn or for frying eggs or pancakes? Maybe your Keto or Paleo diet encourages this. This bacon grease container is the tool that makes this kitchen task easy and less messy. The strainer removes the bits of burnt bacon. The lid keeps your stored grease clean. And the pitcher makes it easy to pour and holds five cups of grease so you will always have a supply.


These Affordable Wireless Headphones With a Charging Case

These wireless Bluetooth earbuds with a charging case solve so many things about working from a home office and may also become your on-the-go entertainment solution — for only $20. Each earbud has a microphone and connects separately to your phone so you can use just one when talking on the phone or connecting to Zoom calls. Then grab the other, put on some music, and go for a run. The earbuds get five hours of playtime on a charge; the battery in the charging case boosts that to over 15 hours.


These Dispensers That Measure the Oil Before You Pour

With a measuring cup built into the pouring spout, these two dispenser bottles are the ideal vessel to put your cooking and salad oils into because you won’t have to dirty a measuring cup to follow a recipe or meter out the amount of oil you put in pans or dressings. Just use the button on the side to pump oil into the measure and pour it from there.


A Set of Round Ice Cube Trays for Vast Amounts of Shapely Ice

Make a big batch of ice balls with this round ice cube tray kit. Just fill the two trays and press the lids on, letting excess water go down the drain. Then put the trays in the freezer. It comes with a giant container so you can easily stockpile your ice balls and a scoop for dishing them into glasses. This is a great way to make coffee cubes or other flavored ices for cocktails, too.


This Weird Gel That Cleans Hard-to-Reach Crevices

This weird cleaning gel is an easy and fast way to clean difficult-to-access crevices and small spaces such as those in your car — the vents, console, and dash — and at your desk — like the keyboard. It’s squishy and clingy enough to grab dust but not so clingy it sticks. Just squish it into those small crevices and pull it out again — loaded with crud. When it gets too dirty to use, throw it away. Nearly 37,000 people gave this clever cleaning hack five stars.


A Fan-Favorite Korean BBQ Grill for Home

This stovetop nonstick grill pan makes it easy to grill meats and vegetables right on a gas burner, your grill, or a portable gas stove. The unique swirl design channels oils and grease away from your food, through a drain, so you can capture it in a bowl to use for other things or discard it.

“I love the fact that I can enjoy K-BBQ and so many other things at home!” said one reviewer.


This Complete Bar Set for Leveled-Up Craft Cocktails

Give yourself all the tools you need to be your own mixologist with this 14-piece cocktail shaker set that has all the tools necessary for turning your own spirits and mixers into craft cocktails. There’s a shaker, two kinds of strainers, a long bar spoon, a two-sided bottle opener, shot glasses, and six pour spouts for your liquor bottles. It comes with a recipe book to get you started, too.


The Wedge Pillow That Comfortably Elevates Your Feet

Relax with your feet up on this wedge pillow and your back just may feel better in the morning. It lifts your legs up by eight inches and has a comfy 45-degree angle. Sleeping with your legs raised is thought to help reduce back and joint pain. When you aren’t sleeping, it doubles as a bed desk and reading pillow. The cover is removable and washable.

“This is such a relief for my arthritic knees,” said one reviewer.


These Lights That Make Your TV Better

Transform your movie-watching experience in less time than it takes to make popcorn by sticking these LED backlights to the back of the TV and plugging them into your TV’s USB port. When you watch, the lights will throw light at the wall behind the TV, which creates a beautiful ambient light and reduces the contrast in the room so you can see on-screen colors better.

“I thought it would be nice to have the ambient light around the television for aesthetics but didn't realize how much better my TV picture would look,” said one reviewer.


The Deshedding Brush That Cleans Itself

Go ahead and brush the dog without the yucky after-task of pulling all the fur out of the brush with your fingers. This self-cleaning dog brush does that itself. Just press the button to retract the bristles and empty the fur directly into the trash. The brush is also great at cleaning and deshedding.

“This brush is AMAZING!” said one reviewer. “Never had a grooming brush I like more than this. It does a great job on my golden doodle and I am still shocked at how easy it is to clean.”


A Genius Syrup Dispenser That Promises Not to Leak

Solve the problem of serving honey or syrup once and for all with this upside-down, glass honey dispenser that uses gravity to prime the dispenser so the sweet stuff is always ready to pour. Just pull the trigger to open the pour spout to release sweetener into your tea or on your pancakes. Then release the trigger to close it and immediately stop the flow for a drip-free solution. It sits in a matching bowl so you can keep it out on the breakfast table or counter. It works well for sugar, too.


The Bag Saver That Puts Plastic Grocery Bags in a Dispenser

Turn the problem of what to do with plastic grocery bags into a convenient bag dispenser by mounting this plastic bag saver to the wall. Instead of tossing plastic bags or jamming them into a drawer where you will lose track of them, stuff them into the top of this dispenser. When you need a bag, just pull one out of the front.


An Indoor Bug-Trapper That Takes a 3-Pronged Approach

When your kitchen becomes a meeting ground for fruit flies, deploy the Katchy insect trap and say goodbye to those unwanted guests. A UV light attracts the pests and a fan creates an air vortex that sucks them in — and pitches them onto the glue mat below. It’s effective and way subtler than strands of sticky tape.


These LED Lights You Can Put Almost Anywhere

Shed light on all the dark spaces in your home with this three-pack of LED lights that you can easily stick anywhere. Put them on the underside of your kitchen cabinets for easy task lighting. Stick them in a dark closet or cabinet. You can use the remote to control them and to set them to turn off after a few seconds or minutes of use so the batteries last a long time. But you can also just tap to turn them on and off.


These Vacuum Storage Bags That Shrink Your Stuff

If your closets are full to bursting, these vacuum storage bags can help. Stuff them with blankets, coats, towels, and anything else you want to keep but don’t use often. Then attach your vacuum cleaner or the included pump to the valve and remove all the air. All your bulky items will be reduced in size by as much as 80 percent. They are great for packing more clothing into a suitcase, too.


This Handy Dispenser That Goes on Big Water Jugs

Instead of buying a case of water bottles and then having to recycle all those empties, buy a big refillable water jug, top it with this electric water dispenser, and fill a glass with spring water at the touch of a button. The pump is rechargeable — with clear indicators that tell you when it needs a charge — so you aren’t adding battery trash to the landfill with this water option, either.

“Finally we’ve found a way to have delicious fresh water at home without having to waste plastic bottles,” said one reviewer.


The Clever Butter Knife You Didn’t Know You Needed

This three-in-one butter knife is the life upgrade you didn’t know you were missing. It easily slices a pat from a cold stick of butter with its serrated edge. And the other edge — with a series of small holes — is perfect for making butter curls that melt easily — even if the butter is cold — into a piece of toast. The blade is also perfectly shaped for spreading that tasty butter.


This Realistic Fake Rock That Hides a Spare Key

Hide a spare key in your garden by stashing it first in this fake rock storage that blends seamlessly into the landscaping. Then hide it in the yard. That way, you will be the only one who can find that key.

“It actually blends into the garden and looks like a real rock,” said one reviewer. “[It] has saved me one expensive locksmith’s visit already.”


The Spice Carousel That Measures for You

Load your 12 favorite spices into this mountable spice carousel so you can spin it to grab the spice you want. You can mount it under a cabinet or stack multiple carousels to get a fancy spice bar. Each of these clever spice jars snaps out of the carousel and — using a dial on the jar to set the amount — auto-measures the spice so you can blaze through recipes without getting out measuring spoons.


This Projector & White Noise Machine So You Can Sleep Under the Stars

Turn your bedroom into a planetarium and sleep under the stars with this galaxy projector and white noise machine. It projects the northern lights in your choice of 16 colors onto the ceiling and walls. You can choose from eight white noises — waves, rain, birds chirping, and more — or connect your phone to the Bluetooth speaker and play your music.


These Handy Cable Ties You Will Use For Everything

These silicone magnetic cable ties are so much better than twist ties or zip ties for corralling cords. They are flexible enough to wrap around the cord and have magnetic ends that snap easily together — and then snap apart again if you need to move that cord. And once you have them on hand, you will likely find thousands of other uses for them from sticking them to the fridge to hold notes and tools to tying your hair back. This is a pack of 30 in a variety of colors.


This Trick for Keeping the Microwave Cleaner

The best way to clean a microwave is to prevent splatter messes from happening in the first place. This splatter cover is here to do exactly that. Set it over your plate of food before you microwave it and it will help prevent a mess in the microwave. Small holes in the top let out steam so it doesn’t make your meal mushy. In fact, it is said to help your food cook more evenly. It collapses for storage, goes in the dishwasher, and comes in three colors.

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