Solving Food Waste

It seems like a simple problem. Nearly a pound of food per day in every household gets tossed in America — a country with some 44 million food insecure people. Can’t we just send would-be-wasted food to hungry mouths? Unfortunately, our food systems are notoriously complex with waste found on farms, in grocery stores, schools, and our refrigerators. This special series, produced in partnership with the Food & Environmental Reporting Network (FERN) looks at how data, technology, ingenuity, and common sense can be used to fight this waste. With all these ingredients, and a handful of worms, the solution may be within reach.

All articles were produced in collaboration with the Food & Environment Reporting Network, an independent, nonprofit news organization.

Diary Of Waste
A Week in the Life of a Big-Time Food-Waster

A typical U.S. citizen keeps a diary of his food mindlessness — and tries to change his ways.

by Christopher Ketcham
Lais Borges/Inverse; Getty

Students Aim To Cut Food Waste — But Can They?

ByBridget Huber

Public schools feed a lot of kids — even more when the meals are free. The problem? A lot of that food goes to waste. Students are on the case.

Fresh Reject

The Rotten Secret Plaguing America’s Grocery Stores

ByBryce Covert

Why, exactly, do grocery stores overstock food?


Five Gadgets To Fight Food Waste: The Good, The Bad, And The Ridiculous

ByMichael Park

Americans finally want to do something about food waste. Behold the gadgets on offer to help them do it.

Farm Waste
The Silver Bullet For Ending Food Waste On The Farm

Technology has made great in-roads in reducing food waste from the farm. But it is only a start.

by Ted Genoways

American Food Waste, By The Numbers

These charts take a close look at what, exactly, gets wasted and where it all goes. Read The Full Article.

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