Without a Doubt, the 65 Weirdest & Most Genius Things Under $30 on Amazon

Wonderfully weird products that won’t break the bank.

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Ready for a journey into the quirky and genius side of Amazon? This retail giant has just about everything available to purchase, and some of that stuff is pretty weird. But weird stuff can be pretty awesome too — like all the items on this list, for example. From multipurpose gadgets to pet care hacks, read on for a wild ride through affordable finds that'll have you saying, "Wait, that exists?"


These grippers that keep rugs from sliding around

Improve safety and style in your home with these rug corner grippers that help prevent slipping and curling without leaving any residue on your floor. The easy-lift design also allows you to pick up rugs and clean underneath without a hassle. Plus, the grippers’ stickiness can be refreshed by wiping them with rubbing alcohol.


A set of sneaker erasers that will make your favorite kicks white again

Got dirty sneakers? Try these sneaker cleaners — a set of erasers that can effectively remove scuffs and marks on your shoes. These can be used on a variety of sneaker materials and simply require water to begin cleaning. The small sponge size also makes them great for taking on the go.


A grill scraper that will leave your BBQ sparkling

If your grill is getting a little grimy, use this metal scraper to freshen it up. The grooves on this tool fit any round or V-shaped barbecue, smoker, or oven, and it's safe for both indoor and outdoor grills. There’s also a built-in bottle opener so you can easily enjoy a cold beverage while you barbecue.


These elastic bands that keep your sheets in place

No more pulled-up sheets — these bedsheet straps fit over the corners of your mattress to keep your sheets securely in place all night long. Made from durable elastic nylon, these bedsheet holders are the superhero your bed deserves, fitting all sheet sizes from twin to California king. They can also be used on sofas, ironing boards, and more.


These retractable gel pens that use erasable ink

Enjoy using pens without the commitment with these retractable, erasable gel pens. They use a nontoxic thermo-sensitive ink that can be removed with the attached eraser. With 10 vibrant colors included in each pack, these pens are great for everything from scheduling to Sudoku puzzles.


An outlet cover that hides unsightly plugs & cords

This outlet cover is a clever solution for any unsightly plugs and cords in your home. Just plug it into your outlet and use the attached power strip to plug in your devices. It's incredibly thin, so it won't add any bulk to your walls. It also comes with adhesive strips and cable clips to keep the cord tidy on the wall.


A nonslip bath mat with an exfoliating loofah texture

This nonslip bathtub mat is designed to stay in place without any hard-to-clean suction cups. It has a lattice backing that helps prevent slipping while allowing water to drain easily. The loofah-like texture also feels amazing on your feet — like a massage every time you shower.


This tool that makes it easy to fasten bracelets on your own

If you have a hard time getting bracelets on, this helper tool will come in handy. It has a comfortable handle that’s easy to hold and a strong clasp that will hold one end of your bracelet in place while you fasten it with your other hand. It can also help with necklaces, zippers, and watches.


A roll-up dish drying rack that doubles as a trivet

This roll-up dish drying rack will free up a ton of counter space and reduce mess since all drips will land directly back into your sink. The stainless steel rods have silicone tips to keep them secure and in place as you pile on your dishes. It can also be used as a colander when washing fruits and vegetables or as a heat-resistant trivet.


A pet hair remover that can be reused again & again

Say goodbye to sticky lint roller sheets — this pet hair remover contains no adhesives but still has the power to pull up loads of dog and cat hair with every use. Use it on your couch, pillows, rugs, car seats, and more. It’s also super simple to use — roll and trap, then hit the release button to empty before using it again.


These self-closing toothpaste caps that reduce messes in the bathroom

Say goodbye to toothpaste messes on your bathroom counter with these self-closing silicone caps that keep toothpaste contained. They’re super easy to use and great if you have a hard time remembering to put the cap back on. Plus, the dispensing system makes sure you don’t use more toothpaste than you need, saving you money in the long run.


A keychain holder that will make sure you stop losing your lip balm

Tired of losing your lip balm? This keychain holder keeps it secure wherever you go, making sure you always have it on hand. Made from stretchy elastic, the holder can fit a variety of lip balms. With lots of vibrant colors and patterns to choose from, you'll find one that matches your vibe perfectly.


These cool sticky notes that are waterproof & transparent

Unlike regular sticky notes, these transparent sticky notes are designed to avoid covering up important information, making it easier to add notes or mark documents without leaving any stains on the paper. They stick well without leaving any residue and can be easily moved without tearing pages. Each order includes four 3 by 3-inch pads for a total of 200 sheets.


These cable ties that will help you stay super organized

Decrease clutter in your life with these self-gripping cable ties that can be wrapped around phone chargers, HDMI cords, headphones, and more. Made from heavy-duty nylon, these are small but durable and can be adjusted for the best fit. You can even connect multiple ties together to make a longer one if needed.


These bedsheet detanglers that help laundry dry faster

Prevent the inconvenience of tangled dryer sheets with these bedsheet detanglers, clever laundry accessories designed to prevent bedsheets from bunching and twisting during washing and drying. Not only do these stop your sheets from turning into a laundry nightmare, but they can also speed up drying time by stopping other items from getting caught in your sheets.


This vinyl & leather repair kit for easy furniture fixes

This vinyl and leather repair kit is your go-to solution for fixing scratches, tears, burns, and more on your furniture, jackets, and car seats. Just apply the specialized compound to seamlessly match the color of your items, whether it's your favorite shoes or that beloved leather couch. No need for complex tools or expert skills — it's designed for beginners.


A trash can that’s designed for your car

You might not think about putting a trash can in your car, but it’s an easy way to keep the interior of your vehicle free from empty food wrappers and drink cups. Fastening securely with an adjustable, quick-clip strap, this trash can is a breeze to attach to your headrest, console, or side door handle. It also comes with disposable liners to make cleanup easy.


A credit card holder that sticks to your phone

Keep the two most important things in your life — your phone and your wallet — together with this stick-on wallet that attaches to the back of your phone. It features four card slots, including a transparent ID slot, secured with a durable snap closure that will keep your things from falling out. Color options include seafoam green, black, white marble, and more.


These whiskey stones that won’t water down your drink

These whiskey stones are the weird and genius secret to keeping your drinks ice-cold without dilution. You’ll get six cube-shaped natural granite stones, neatly organized in a stylish wooden tray. They’re also super easy to use — just freeze the stones in the tray and pop them into your drink when you're ready.


This salad kit that grows funky veggies

Have some fun in the kitchen with this psychedelic vegetable garden kit. It contains everything you need to grow a variety of colorful veggies, including lemon crystal cucumbers, red lettuce, golden beets, purple salad onions, and rainbow radishes. The kit also comes with tips for growing and sowing.


This tool that makes it easy to grab hard-to-reach items

Whether you’re picking up trash or retrieving keys from under the couch, this grabber tool makes it easy to get those hard-to-reach items. The rotating head and magnetic nonslip claws make it a pro at reaching into tricky areas to grab your stuff. Weighing less than 9 ounces and featuring a foldable design, it's also light and easy to store.


A multitool pen with lots of built-in features

This multitool pen is one of those things you’ll be glad to have on hand for small projects around the house. Need a ruler, level, or screwdriver? It's got you covered. It also has a built-in LED light for dim spaces and a bottle opener because why not? Plus, it makes a great gift for that person who has everything.


An under-sink organizer that tames the chaos

If you’re tired of opening your under-sink cabinets only to be greeted with an abyss of jumbled products and cleaning tools, give this under-sink organizer a try. Both expandable and adjustable, this plastic shelf has a width that can be adjusted to your cabinet size. The U shape accommodates plumbing, and the height adjusts to fit the size of your supplies.


This foot peel mask that will leave feet soft & smooth

This foot peel mask offers a weird yet effective solution for dry, cracked feet. By putting your feet into the mask socks and waiting for an hour, you kickstart a process that gradually peels away dead skin over the course of six to 11 days. The masks are made with a blend of fruit acids and extracts and gently exfoliate rough skin.


A cutter that simplifies prepping hard-boiled eggs

Make slicing hard-boiled eggs a breeze with this egg cutter. With its sharp stainless steel blades, it easily slices eggs into neat and uniform pieces. It has three slicing modes, includes a container to catch the food, and also works on tomatoes, bananas, mushrooms, and other soft foods. When you’re done, pop everything in the dishwasher for easy cleaning.


This magnetic pouch that lets you carry essentials while running

This magnetic pouch changes the way you carry your essentials while on the move, offering a secure and comfortable way to hold small items like keys and cash while you’re running, walking, or traveling. Its clever magnetic closure stops it from bouncing or shifting, and its beltless design means no chafing.


These under-bed storage containers that effectively utilize space

Store blankets, coats, and other bulky items in these under-bed storage containers designed to slide underneath most standard bed frames. The lightweight material is easy to move around but durable enough to protect your items, and the zippered enclosure prevents dust and dirt from getting inside.


This broom holder that’s great for decluttering your space

If your cleaning supplies are cluttering up your bathroom, kitchen, or garage, get organized with this broom holder. Mount it on the wall with the included hardware and use the five storage slots and six hooks to keep brooms, brushes, rakes, and other bulky cleaning items in place.


A pumice stone that will clear away toilet stains

Cleaning the toilet doesn’t have to be a pain with this pumice stone cleaner. It effortlessly tackles hard water stains and mineral deposits while remaining gentle on surfaces, so you can confidently use it on toilets, sinks, tiles, and more. Along with the pumice stone, you get a handy storage kit for convenient drying.


A plastic restorer for car detailing

Whether it’s your bumper or interior that need to be revived, this plastic restorer will get the job done. It restores and leaves a beautiful finish that will last for several months without fading. No oily residue will be left behind. In fact, the formula will quickly be dry to the touch.


These bright bike wheel lights that are waterproof

Choose between the eight different colors that these bike wheel lights are available in or go with the color-changing option to always have a new and fun look. Whichever you end up taking home, they’ll increase your visibility when riding at night so that cars, other riders, and pedestrians can have a clear view of you. They can even be used on rainy days since they’re waterproof and durable.


These adorable night-lights that add such a cool vibe

These mushroom night-lights are one of those things that are just cool, adding a fun woodland vibe to any room. They automatically change through seven colors when turned on and have a built-in light sensor for convenience. The LED light they emit is soft and warm, creating a cozy atmosphere without being too bright or too dim.


These sheet pan dividers that simplify cooking

These sheet pan dividers make cooking multiple dishes on one pan incredibly easy, with no risk of sauces and seasonings mixing. You can also remove individual dishes throughout the cooking process with zero hassle, making meal prep and cooking for crowds so much easier. To clean, just toss these in the dishwasher.


These reusable dishcloths that function like paper towels

Save money and help cut down on waste by switching to these reusable Swedish dish cloths that look like extra-plush paper towels. Made from super absorbent cellulose and cotton, these cloths are safe for use on any household surface. Each cloth is soft to the touch when wet and gritty enough for scouring for dry, making them versatile for a variety of cleaning tasks.


These mop slippers that make cleaning fun

Make your cleaning routine more efficient with these mop slippers that lift dust and absorb water while you walk. Made from chenille microfiber, these ultra-soft slipper shoes soak up water fast without damaging surfaces. With five fun color options and adjustable sizing, these fit over your shoes comfortably and can also be placed on a mop head.


This dish squeegee that quickly clears away leftovers

Make doing the dishes that much easier with this dish squeegee, a cool kitchen utensil that lets you wipe away excess food on plates and bowls before washing them. Not only will doing the dishes take less time, but you’ll use less water too. The sturdy silicone material is gentle on surfaces while providing a solid clean, and fits snugly in your hand.


A nonstick defrosting tray that cuts down prep time

This defrosting tray is made of highly conductive (and food-safe) aluminum that remains at room temperature to help your steaks thaw in a shorter amount of time. You won’t have to wait around anymore and when each piece is ready, it will pop right of the nonstick surface. Best of all, it’s a breeze to store since it’s so slim.


This flexible phone holder that lets you use your device hands-free

This cell phone holder features a flexible gooseneck stand that can be adjusted into various shapes to get you just the right angle for your phone. It’s compatible with most smartphones and can be used for all sorts of activities, whether you’re reading in bed or watching a movie on an airplane. Choose from black, blue, pink, and white.


This 4-in-1 vegetable chopper that comes with a finger guard

You can dice fruits, vegetables, and eggs two ways with this vegetable chopper that also has blades for making spirals and ribbons. It comes with a cleaning brush, finger guard, and two scrapers. It can be cleaned on the top rack of your dishwasher.


These stickers that cover annoying lights from electronics

Little lights from clocks, TVs, and other electronics can be distracting, especially when you’re trying to sleep at night. Cover them up with these light-blocking stickers that can effectively reduce LED light glare by up to 80% for a more peaceful environment. The set comes with pre-cut stickers and a customizable sticker sheet to suit your needs.


A rechargeable hand warmer with a built-in carrying strap

Featuring a built-in carrying strap that fits comfortably on your wrist, this rechargeable hand warmer is great for taking on the go on chilly days. It takes less than two minutes to heat up and lasts for up to four hours on a full charge. The compact size means it can be slipped into your pocket for easy access when you need it.


A straw that helps get rid of hiccups

Featured on Shark Tank, this hiccup straw is clinically proven to help get rid of annoying hiccups. Using it is simple — choose the adult or child setting, then place the straw in a glass of water and take two or three forceful sips in a row. “It works like a charm,” wrote one reviewer. “I’ve ordered several more for my friends, who can’t believe what a smart little invention this is.”


This silicone sink tray to keep things tidy

The options for this waterproof and heat-resistant silicone sink tray are endless. Set it directly under your faucet to hold your soap and other cleaning tools or use it as a utensil rest when whipping up dinner. The deep grooves prevent overflow and allow things like your dish sponge to dry faster thanks to better airflow. It comes in five colors in the listing.


These handy tools that remove clogs from drains

When a clogged drain inevitably happens, try using these drain clog remover tools before calling a plumber. The flexible plastic can be snaked down most drains with ease and the barbed hooks work to pull up hair, grime, and other gunk clogging the pipes. These are eco-friendly and don’t rely on any chemicals to get the job done.


An acupressure mat & pillow set that can reduce muscle tension

By laying on this acupressure mat for up to 30 minutes each day, you may be able to ease muscle tension in your back and neck. Featuring spiky acupressure points, the set includes a foam back mat and a pillow for neck support. It’s great for use before bed or at the end of a stressful day.


This set of shoe travel bags with a 4.7-star overall rating

Keep your shoes organized and your other belongings clean with this four-pack of shoe travel bags. The highly rated set features waterproof nylon and zippered closures. Two of the bags are standard size and two are extra large for larger or bulkier pairs of shoes.


A 2-Pack Of Door Draft Stoppers That Help Regulate Your Home’s Temperature

Reduce the outside noise and draftiness entering your home with this two-pack of door draft stoppers. This weather stripping helps keep cool air in during warmer months and warm air in during cooler months, which in turn helps lower your utility bills. They’re also effective in reducing the outside noise that can permeate your space. Just trim them to fit your door, and the adhesive sticks firmly to where you stick it. Two layers of insulation help preserve your space’s peace, even helping keep insects out. Choose from five colors.


These damp sponges that are great for pulling up dust

Clean hard-to-reach areas like vents and window tracks easily with these duster sponges that contain grooves to pull up dust from tricky spots. By wetting the sponge before using it, you’ll experience powerful cleaning all over the house. Plus, these can be dried and reused multiple times.


This pair of mesh bags for keeping food separate while grilling

Whether you want to throw some veggies on the grill for a side or keep certain foods separate, these mesh grill bags are a handy BBQ accessory. The set of two bags help keep their contents free from grilling grate detritus, and they’re made from nonstick mesh that can be easily flipped on the grill. They’re heat-resistant up to 599 degrees Fahrenheit.


A label maker that will help you organize everything

Label everything you own with this Bluetooth label maker, a cool device that connects to your phone for easy use. Thanks to the app, you can make labels for drawers, containers, and more, using letters, numbers, and even emojis to properly express their titles. Choose from five fun colors.


This mini book light that lasts 80 hours per charge

You won’t need to squint at your novel or while crafting with this mini LED book light at hand. It will last for up to 80 hours per charge (on the lowest brightness) and it features three color temperatures and five brightness levels to choose between. It comes in three colors in the listing and weighs a mere 2.2 ounces.


This 3-in-1 rotary grater that suctions right to your counter

This rotary cheese grinder can also be used on nuts, vegetables, fruits, and more. It feature three blades for different cut styles (like slicing, shredding, and grating) and it features a suction cup on the bottom to hold it steady while you work.


A tofu press that drains your tofu more quickly & less messily

If you cook with tofu frequently, you’ll be in love with this tofu press that eliminates time and messiness from draining your tofu to prep it for cooking. This press efficiently extracts moisture in just 15 minutes, and two pressure levels let you choose your desired tofu firmness. The device has a drainer at its base that collects the drained water so it can be easily emptied once draining is complete. You’ll then have tofu that’s ready to be flavored and cooked.


These fuzzy balls that efficiently dry your hands — & look cool, too

Made of super absorbent microfiber material, these fuzzy ball towels are made to dry your hands quicker than using regular towels. With sewn-in loops for convenient hanging, they also look cool hanging on your bathroom or kitchen wall. Choose from three color options.


This set of wood repair markers that makes furniture look good as new

Whether it’s a ding in your floor or staining on your coffee table, use this set of wood markers to fix those blemishes marring your floors or furniture. The set comes with six markers in a variety of varnish colors, six wax color sticks, and one wax stick sharpener. The colors are designed to match your furniture or flooring — and they can even be combined to create a custom hue.


These headrest hooks that can hold 55 pounds each

This four-pack of headrest hooks will keep everything you need close by. Instead, your backpack and grocery bags will be neatly hung on the durable pieces that can hold up to 55 pounds each. Nothing will ever roll out of place ever again.


A car phone mount with silicone padding inside

This car phone mount will ensure that you have a safer drive every time you hit the road. You’ll be able to follow along with directions hands-free thanks to its sturdy hold and shockproof build. Your phone won’t ever be scratched since the surface is covered in soft silicone.


This duck night light that looks cute & has 3 brightness settings

This creative (and cute) night light looks like a duck who’s had it — and it’s very likely to make you smile each time you see it. Whether for a fun, practical accessory for yourself or for kids, this duck night glows with three dimmer settings that can be selected with an easy tap. The light is also rechargeable via USB and comes with a timer so you don’t have to worry about switching it off at night.


A charging stand that lets you watch videos while it charges

This charging stand ingeniously combines the ability to charge your phone while making video calls or watching things on your phone. This desktop stand charger is made from silicone that helps protect your phone and the surface it’s resting on, and the phone is held in place using MagSafe technology. It can be used by any phone compatible with a MagSafe charger and is compatible with iPhone models 15, 14, 13, and 12.


This rechargeable head lamp for outdoor activities at night

Whether you’re working in your garage, camping, or going on an evening run, this rechargeable LED headlamp lights the way. It has four different lighting modes — UV, strobe, high, and low — and it’s charged via a USB charger. It lasts a long time, too, with a 2.5 hour runtime on the highest setting or 10 hours on the ultra violet light setting.


A spray made from orange peels that eliminates bad pet smells

If you have a puppy you’re house training or a pet who simply has accidents sometimes, this pet odor eliminator works hard to eliminate the bad odors that can result. Made from orange peels, this spray acts as a deodorizer that targets lingering smells and removes them. “It didn’t just cover the smell either, it is eliminated completely!” one reviewer wrote.


This leakproof stainless steel travel mug that comes in lots of colors

Bring your morning brew with you wherever you go in this stainless steel coffee mug. Its insulated walls keep your drink steaming hot or icy cold for hours and the flip lid is completely leakproof so that you don’t have worry about spills. And it doesn’t hurt that it comes in nearly 30 different fun colors in the listing.


A fabric shaver that makes your clothes look fresh again

Restore old clothes to their former glory with this lint shaver that removes pills and lint. The shaver’s adjustable head works with different lint types on clothes and furniture, from delicates to upholstery, and it runs on either two batteries or an internal rechargeable battery. Choose from seven color options.


This bedside lamp that also charges your phone

With its modern design, this lamp not only looks cool, it’s also functional with the ability to wirelessly charge your phone. Offering three brightness settings, you can customize your lighting with a simple tap anywhere on the metal shade. When your phone needs charging, just rest it on the base.


This jar opener that easily opens tricky jars of all sizes

With this jar opener, you’ll no longer have to worry about struggling to open a tight-lidded jar or bottle. Mounting to the underside of a cabinet, this jar opener works on lids of any size. Just insert the jar into the grippy triangle until it stops and turn the jar. It’s especially useful for those with arthritis or grip challenges.

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