60 Weird-Ass Things That Amazon Reviewers Say Are So Good, They Deserve 6 Stars

Meet the things that broke the five-star rating system.

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Embracing your inner rebel can be liberating. Don’t check with that voice in your head that says, “Don’t be weird!” Who is that voice, anyway? A high-school clique? The marketing team at a multinational company? Your big sister? Ditching that need to conform can also be financially liberating because there is always a premium price on the goods everyone knows about and approves of. Embrace the strange! Discover these 60 weird-ass things that Amazon reviewers say are so good, they deserve six stars.


A Solution For Mop & Broom Storage

Create one orderly place to keep all your cleaning supplies and you won’t waste time looking for tools when you have the time to clean up. This broom holder mounts to a wall or the inside of a door and holds five long-handled brooms and dusters in snap-in clips. Five foldout hooks keep dusters, brushes, and gloves ready, too. This is a strategy that works well in the garage, for garden tools, too.


This Vegetable Chopper That Does All The Work

Turn a chore that might have taken 30 minutes and involved wrist pain and tears into a quick flick of the wrist with this vegetable chopper. It comes with four snap-in blades that dice, spiral, and make ribbons. Just set your vegetable on the chopping bed and close the lid. “Six stars!” said one reviewer. “A great time saver for the win!”


A Licking Mat For A Calmer Dog Bath

If taking a bath stresses your dog — and you — out, stick this licking mat to the tub or shower wall and fill it with something tasty. Licking is calming for dogs and getting a treat always makes a chore more pleasant. It will distract the pup while you lather and rinse. “Absolutely love this. I would give it six stars if I could,” said one reviewer. “If your dog is food-motivated it will make bath time easier.”


The Trunk Organizer You Need STAT

Instead of letting groceries fly around in the trunk, drop this car trunk organizer in there. It attaches to the car so it stays still and provides a big storage area for your cargo as well as lots of pockets — mesh ones along the side and two big ones on the front — to stash all the things you like to keep in the car.


An Easy Solution For Excessive Sweating

Excess sweating is an uncomfortable, embarrassing, and quite common problem. These sweat block wipes put an end to it with just one swipe before bed at the beginning of the week. It doesn’t just mask your scent, it keeps you sweat-free for up to seven days. “This product really deserves 10 stars! I could have cried the first day,” said one reviewer. “It smells like cloves, but that sent fades away by the morning.”


A Better Way To Wash Your Face

You can skip the expensive cleansers and wet mess at the end of the day. This makeup remover towel is not just for makeup. It will thoroughly clean your face, feel amazing, and help you relax. The plush fiber holds lots of hot water and the tiny fibers get your skin startlingly clean. This big, lush cloth in classic black is the skincare solution you didn’t know you needed.


A Genius Battery Storage Solution

Bring order to your messy battery drawer with this battery storage organizer that lets you see every battery in your inventory through the clear lid. It fits into a drawer or mounts to the wall. And the integrated battery tester will save you from ever installing a dead battery into your gadget again. It comes in eight colors.


This Stand For All Your Screens

This adjustable play stand is the home assistant you need for every one of your devices. Set your Switch, iPad, or phone on it and your screen is visible, usable — on its own or with a wireless keyboard — and hands-free. It’s strong enough to hold all your devices still, adjusts easily, and folds for storage. “I'd give it six stars if I could!” said one reviewer. “Highly recommend!!!”


These Straps For Carrying Hoses & Wires

These storage straps make it so much easier to carry bulky hoses, wires, and even ladders. Just wrap them around that item and lift it with the handle. You can then store the item by hanging it from a hook with the strap installed, making it easier to grab the hose and get it out for use later.


A Big Bag Of Cord Wrappers

Wrap up all those irritating cords and cables that are snaking all over the counters, bedside table, and desk with this big pack of self-gripping cable ties. The pack includes a variety of colors and two sizes so you will always have the wrap you need on hand when you need it.


This Foot Peel Mask That’s Weirdly Satisfying

Ready for the weirdest — and most satisfying — pedicure ever? Wrap your tired, crusty, cracked, and dry dogs up in this foot peel mask and kick back for an hour. Then wash off the serum your feet just steeped in and go about your life. In about 10 days, a pair of fresh, baby-soft feet will emerge, leaving behind the dead skin you’ve been wearing around. “This is not your average foot care product,” said one reviewer. “It's a game-changer for those suffering from dry, cracked feet, calluses, and stubborn dead skin.”


This Colander That’s Also A Big Spoon

Where has this clever scoop colander been all my life? Instead of grabbing tiny amounts of pasta, potatoes, or whatever out of a pot of boiling water or oil with a slotted spoon or aiming all hot water at an in-sink colander, just scoop right out of the pan. There is even a hook so it drains on the side of the pan. It comes in three colors.


This Fix For That Blemish

Why do zits always turn up when you want to look your best? It’s no longer a problem if you have this acne treatment on hand. Stick one of these tiny, hydrocolloid-soaked bandages over that pimple, and not only will it be nearly impossible to see but it will be getting the treatment it needs. More than 25,000 people give them five stars.


The Detangling Brush That Won’t Make You Scream

If you dread brushing your hair — or your child’s hair — because of the inevitable pain, screaming, and hysteria, you have not tried this clever detangling hair brush. The flexible, cone-shaped bristles slide through hair without ripping it out. “I have tried six different brushes to brush my daughter's hair. This is the only one she doesn't throw a fit about and cry when I use it,” said one reviewer. “If I could give this brush 10 stars, I would.”


This Adjustable Lap Desk For Comfy Work Anywhere

If you like to work from the couch or other non-desk seating arrangements, set this adjustable lap desk on your legs and make that experience more productive and comfortable. It raises the screen to a better viewing angle — whichever of the eight positions works — and elevates the machine so its heat output isn’t uncomfortable. “This is a lifesaver,” said one reviewer. “It is so comfortable!!”


The Best Way To Get Pet Hair Off The Couch

It is finally possible to live with a fur-clad roommate without also having to wear that fur yourself. This pet hair remover quickly and easily removes it all from the couch, carpets, and even your pants with a couple of brisk rolls of the fabric brush. It has no adhesives but somehow the brush is so sticky it grabs all the fur. And there are no refills. Just empty the trap and carry on.


The Solution For Your Cap Collection Clutter

If your hat collection has taken over every surface in the house, this over-the-door cap organizer will let you reclaim your living space. Attach it to the top and bottom of the door, cinch it tight, and start clipping hats into it. “Can’t say enough good things!” said one reviewer. “So easy to install on the door and it looks great. Saved so much space in my closet!”


These Straps That Keep Your Sheets On

Clip these sheet holder straps to the underside of your bottom sheet and that sheet will stay put, no longer popping off in the night or demanding that you remake the bead every morning. Your bed won’t even have wrinkles. “If I could give six stars I would,” said one reviewer. “Once you have all the clips attached you then go to the foot of the bed and use a drawstring to pull tight. Finally a solution!”


The Fast & Healthy Snack Maker

Whipping up a quick popcorn snack is so easy if you use this microwave popcorn popper to do it. Just put the kernels (and oil, if you like) in the well at the bottom of the bowl, microwave for a couple of minutes, and eat. It makes perfect popcorn every time and then goes into the dishwasher for cleanup.


This Egg Cooker People Are Raving About

Making a perfect hard or soft-boiled egg with a pan and stove is a challenging endeavor. But with this rapid egg cooker, it’s simple, easy, and fast. Load it with eggs, add water, and hit the button. It does all the timing and finagling so you can have your eggs just the way you like them. It will poach and scramble, too. “This is suddenly our favorite kitchen contraption,” said one reviewer. “Ten stars out of five!!!”


A Trick For Carrying All The Groceries At Once

Armed with this grocery bag carrier, you can haul all the grocery bags — anything with a handle — at once with no hand pain or struggle. Loop the bag handles into either side of the handle and take hold of that comfy, ergonomic grip. It will balance the load so you can haul all the bags at once.


This Hand Warmer That Can Charge Your Phone

Cold hands begone! Drop one of these rechargeable hand warmers into your pocket and you will be toasty warm and have no fear of frozen digits. It has three levels of heat and delivers warmth to both sides. It will also charge your phone and it comes in 17 colors.


This Phone Stand That Gets Taller

This adjustable phone stand will elevate your phone screen to the perfect height so you can watch movies, video calls, or read in a comfortable position. It also folds up for travel, making it the perfect work-away-from-home accessory. “I love this stand for my phone,” said one reviewer. “I bought one a few weeks ago for my office and liked it so much I bought another one to use in my kitchen. [N]ot sure how I got along without them.”


A Face-Washing Hack That’s So Clever

Here is the weird but clever solution to a problem no one likes to talk about: the water that runs down your arm and onto the floor when you wash your face. Enter the towel scrunchie! Wear it on your wrist and it catches that water so it never becomes a sopping shirt or slippery, wet floor.


The Paracord Handle You Want On Your Water Bottle

Put a handle on the water bottle you carry everywhere so you can free up a hand. This paracord handle looks cool and makes that bottle easy to carry or clip to your pack or belt. Attach your wallet and keys to the included carabiner and your everyday carry just got manageable. It has a compass in case you get lost, comes in 12 colors, and nearly 8,000 people give it five stars.


This Collection Of Bag Clips So The Food Is Always Fresh

Keep this pack of 12 stainless steel chip bag clips in a drawer in the kitchen so you can quickly and easily seal up every bag of chips, crackers, cereal, bread, and frozen foods so they don’t get stale or freezer-burned. “These are the best and most secure chip clips that I have ever purchased!” said one reviewer. “The rubber edges provide an extra nice grip and also keep you from getting cut on the metal. I love the colors too!”


A Lunchbox-Sized Crock-Pot

This electric lunch box makes it so easy to pack your lunch. Just drop some leftovers or ingredients for a soup or stew in it in the morning, plug it in at work, and when lunchtime rolls around, you will have a hot lunch ready to eat. “I use it for soup and leftovers and to cook my pasta at work,” said one reviewer. “All my coworkers want one. Saves me a bunch of money not to buy lunch from the cafeteria every day.”


A Wireless Charging Stand For Your Phone

Drop your phone on this wireless charging station and you will never have to fuss with tiny plugs again. It holds your phone at the perfect viewing angle and rapidly charges up any Qi-enabled phone. The charging indicator is smart enough to dim when it’s dark in the room so it doesn’t add to bedroom light pollution. Over 20,000 people give it five stars.


This Clever Storage Solve For The K-Cups

This under cabinet coffee pod holder solves the problem of where to store the K-cups in kitchens without space for a huge display carousel. It installs quickly with adhesive strips and disappears under your cabinet until you are making coffee. Then it hinges down so you can view your collection and choose a brew.


A Lunch Box That Can Handle Salad & Buddha Bowls

Pack a salad or Buddha bowl in this stackable lunch container without having to eat a mushy mess for lunch. The three individual sections and the tight-seeling dressing container let you keep the ingredients and dressing (or a dip) apart until you are ready to eat. It’s the perfect way to turn a collection of tasty morsels into a charcuterie lunch, too.


This Genius Drain Strainer For The Shower

Drop this weird shower shroom into the drain of your shower and you will never find yourself standing in a puddle while calling a plumber to save you. It catches all the hair before it clogs your drain. But it lets the water and soap scum through so that all you have to do is clear it of hair occasionally and your shower will flow freely.


A Pair Of Delicious Satin Pillowcases

Dress your bed in luxury while pampering your skin and hair with these satin pillowcases available in 37 gorgeous colors. The fine threads in the satin won’t absorb the hydration from your skin or catch on hair so you will wake up without pillow marks on your face or bed head. Nearly 220,000 people give these an enthusiastic five stars.


The Can Opener That Leaves No Sharp Edges

Let this electric can opener do all the work and take all the risks of getting a can open. Set it on top of the can, hit the button, and it walks around the top cutting the lid away from the side. When you lift it off, the lid comes with it. This strategy leaves no sharp edges to cut your hand on.


A Cup For Eating Cereal On The Go

Yes, you can eat a bowl of cereal on the go without suffering from soggy cereal syndrome. This cereal cup keeps the milk and crunchy goodness apart until you lift it to your mouth. You don’t even need a spoon to eat your breakfast with this clever oddity. “It's weird at first but, once you get used to it, it's awesome,” said one reviewer.


The Hair Serum People Can’t Get Enough Of

These weird capsules each hold one hair serum treatment that will restore the health of your damaged, colored, treated, relaxed, dry, bleached, or frizzy locks. It works on all hair types, is easy to use, and makes your hair shiny, soft, and bouncy again. “I wish I could give six stars to this,” said one reviewer. “Best serum ever for damaged hair!”


A Cell Phone Wallet That Lightens Your Load

Do you really need to haul that giant wallet around everywhere you go? This stick-on cell phone wallet turns your phone into the perfect wallet replacement. Keep a couple of backup credit cards, some cash, and an ID in the stretchy pocket, and move the rest of it to your digital wallet to lighten your load. It comes in 10 colors.


The Storage Solution For Lids & Cutting Boards

Create order in your cupboards so that everything from cooking to cleaning up is easier. This adjustable rack creates an easy-access place to store pan lids, cookie sheets, cutting boards, or serving platters on edge so you don’t have to hunt through stacks to find the piece you need. “Just exactly what I needed to organize my many racks and toaster oven accessories,” said one reviewer. “I would give it six stars if I could!”


This Weird Trick For Preventing Sheets From Wadding Up

Attach these weird bed sheet detanglers to your linens before you put them in the wash to prevent them from twisting into an impenetrable ball in there. Your sheets will get cleaner, dry faster, and stop collecting other laundry items into wadded-up clumps you then have to fish out of the fitted sheets.


The Meat Thermometer You Monitor From Your Phone

Here is the smart meat thermometer for modern times. Instead of risking your hair and hands getting close to the flame to get a read on your meal’s doneness, stick this probe into the meat when it goes into the oven and keep an eye on things from your phone. “The Meater is the perfect gadget that has taken my cooking game to the next level!!” said one reviewer. “Six stars!!!!”


This Pizza Stone That’s Durable & Easy To Clean

Nothing delivers a crispier crust from the oven than a pizza stone. Traditional ones are legendary for being super fragile. But this cordierite stone is both durable and fast to heat up. Bake pizza on it, sure. But it will also put a crisp bottom on your bread. It comes in square or round but either way you get a pizza cutter with it.


A Smarter Way To Open Packages

Opening packages has become a daily event in most people’s online shopping world. Why are you still doing it with the wrong tool? This package blade is easy, effective, and safe to use. The ceramic blade never needs to be sharpened and is so sharp that it opens all sorts of packaging super fast but it won’t cut you. A built-in magnet keeps it always handy on the fridge.


This Milk Frother For Cafe Drinks At Home

Stay home in your pajamas instead of braving the real world to get your foamy coffee fix. This milk frother wand can turn any milk — dairy, soy, nut, or oat — into a yummy froth in seconds. You can froth hot or cold and it’s great for making matcha tea, too. It comes in 12 colors and rests right on your counter in its metal stand.


The Dispenser That Makes Nitro Beer From Bottles & Cans

If you enjoy that dense micro-foam that you can only get from a nitro beer, say hello to this beer dispenser that turns any bottle or can of beer into just that. Put the beer in the base and pull the tap to deliver nitro-style beer to your glass. “This product is amazing,” said more than one reviewer. “It makes beer taste like a draft.”


The Reusable Straw That’s Better

You don’t have to choose between saving turtles and drinking from straws anymore! This pack of four of reusable drinking straws will not end up as plastic trash in the ocean and it’s a better straw than the disposable ones. The elliptical shape gives better suction and fits neatly into travel mugs. They come in a travel case so you can always have a straw with you.


These Magnetic Cable Ties You Will Use For Everything

Forget those annoying twist ties or even the hook-and-loop fabric cord wrappers. These reusable silicone magnetic cable ties are the way to go. They are stretchy, close easily, and double as fridge magnets and so many other things that you will want more than 20 of them. “Not only using [these] as a cable tie [but] also 100 other ways; holder, hanger, magnet...” said one reviewer. “Ten stars!”


The Hassle-Free Trick For Feeding Plants

You don’t have to whip out your chemistry degree and mixing cups to feed your plants. Just stick these plant food spikes into the soil and water as usual. They will feed your plants for up to two months with no further attention from you. “A great no-fuss way to fertilize your indoor houseplants,” said one of over 62,000 five-star reviewers.


A Battery That Will Start The Car

With this car battery jump starter riding shotgun in your vehicle, you will never find yourself stranded with a dead battery. It can jump-start a dead battery up to 20 times, all on its own, for less than it would cost to call for assistance once. It will also charge your phone. It comes with jumper cables, a plug so you can charge it in your car, and a storage bag to keep it all together.


These Headphones For Clever Consumers

A great pair of wireless earbuds — in a wireless charging case — for less than $35? Wait, what? It’s true. You do not have to go into debt to own the latest technology. These sound great, are waterproof, have a digital display that tells you how much power they have left, and come in six colors. “I am so in love with these,” said one of nearly 45,000 five-star reviewers. “No wonder they have so many five-star reviews. I am on board. BUY THEM!!!”


The Hair Wax Stick That Solves Flyaways

Rub this hair wax stick right on your hair to eliminate flyaways, defrizz, style, and nourish your hair. It is loaded with castor oil, avocado oil, and vitamin E, which your hair will drink up while the beeswax lets you shape and control your hair. “ I wish I could give this more stars,” said one reviewer. “It’s exactly what I needed for my fly always.”


A Bib To Make Shaving Less Messy

Give yourself back the time you once spent cleaning up the bathroom sink after shaving by donning this beard bib apron before you start. It snaps around your neck and then suctions to the mirror, catching all the discarded whiskers before they make a mess. Empty it into the trash when you are done and you are good to go.


This Fidget Toy That’s Silent

Give your fidgety hands something quiet to do so you don’t drive the people around you to distraction with this handheld fidget toy that is satisfying to roll in your hand and completely silent. “I would rate this 10 stars if I could,” said one reviewer. “Not only was I blown away by how smooth the rollers move, but the solid durability is incredible.”


A Massage Every Time You Shampoo

Don’t just lather up and rinse when you wash your hair, take that moment to give your scalp a massage and exfoliation treatment. It feels amazing and makes your hair and scalp healthier. This shampoo brush is all you need. It fits neatly in your palm and reaches through your hair to deliver a soothing massage. It comes in 23 colors and reviewers give it 111,000 five-star ratings.


The Toiletry Bag That Can Handle It All

Your next trip will not be marred by spilled lotion and forgotten toiletries if you prepare with this toiletry bag. Like a suitcase for all your personal care essentials, it hangs from a hook while you load it or get ready on the go. Four transparent compartments organize your gear — keeping brushes safe from liquids — and it comes in 12 colors and patterns.


This Ice Roller That Feels So Good

Calm inflamed skin, soothe a sunburn, and de-puff your eye area with this ice roller. Keep it in the freezer and they will be ready when you need a skin treatment. “The appearance is cute, the texture is great, and my skin has benefited [greatly] from this!” wrote one reviewer.


A Comfy Pillow For The Tub

Don’t let the hard corners of your tub stop you from enjoying a relaxing soak. Stick this bath pillow to it and soften the spot where you lay your head. The thick, plush padding is super comfortable, the fabric repels water. And the array of seven suction cups keeps it in place. It comes in two sizes and seven colors.


This Tidy Tool Kit For Baking Anything

This clever nesting food preparation set has everything you need to prep a recipe in one colorful package. The big mixing bowl holds a colander, sieve, small mixing bowl, a set of measuring cups, and a set of measuring spoons. “This set is fantastic! It does everything I need and only takes a small amount of counter space,” said one reviewer. “Can I give it 6 stars?”


The Roll-Up Dish Rack You Will Use Constantly

This over-the-sink, multipurpose, roll-up dish drying rack made of silicone-wrapped stainless steel rods will quickly become the most used tool in your kitchen. Set a few dishes on it to drain into the sink. Take a hot pan off the stove and set in here. Fill a pitcher with water while it sits, elevated, on it. If you want to clear the sink area, roll it up and toss it in a drawer. It comes in four sizes.


A Machine That Makes Tiny Donuts

For many donut lovers, the urge for a tasty snack often hits when all the donut shops are closed. Not to fret! This mini donut maker machine is here to deliver a quick hit. Just pour your donut batter — or cake or brownie mix — into the molds and close the lid. Seven minutes later, you will be eating donuts.


This Cute & Fast Popcorn Popper

This cute borosilicate glass popcorn maker whips up a big, family-sized batch of snack food in just a few minutes in the microwave. No prepackaged bags to buy. No messy pan. You can even melt butter right onto your snack while it pops. “Makes awesome popcorn!!” said one reviewer. “We bought several as gifts. Everyone went on about how good the popcorn was!! 10 Stars!”


The Hack That Stops Lost Socks

Where do all the socks go? This sock organizer will stop the diaspora. Clip your socks to it when you take them off your feet and, when it’s full, toss it into the laundry. Your socks can travel together through the washer and dryer in a safe group. Then hang the hook in the closet to put them away. No lost socks and no sock sorting on laundry day!

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