50 Weird-as-Hell Products on Amazon That Are So Damn Clever

An on-the-go travel cup for cereal? Genius.

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I ask you, where’s the fun in buying a toilet plunger? Or cleaning out your car? Being an adult can be boring — there are so many tedious chores to do and essential products to buy just to keep life chugging along. That’s why weird products are my favorite. They’re unique, standing out from the crowd and making the everyday doldrums of life a little more fun. So I’ve compiled a list of 50 weird-as-hell products on Amazon that (I think) are so damn clever.

From a cactus-shaped toilet plunger to a playfully slimy car cleaner, the useful things on this list make life a little more interesting. Scroll through and see what weird — and delightfully functional — products you can find.


This gentle hairbrush that glides through tangled hair

Unlike traditional brushes that pull and tear through knots, the unique cone-shaped plastic bristles of this hairbrush gently separate strands sideways, making even the toughest tangles a breeze to unravel. Perfect for kids, it’s designed not to cause discomfort or tears. Suitable for all hair types, soft plastic bristles massage the scalp, promoting circulation and potential hair growth.


This best-selling pack of straps for holding your bed sheets in place

Toss and turn all you like, these heavy-duty elastic straps ensure your fitted sheet stays put. With their wide, thick elastic bands, the nickel-plated clamps are rust-proof and fabric-friendly, and the built-in plastic clenching system protects your fabric. These versatile straps are compatible with all types of bedding, and offer customizable tension and length for your comfort.


This pet hair remover that works like a dream

Pet owners are in shock over how well the Chom Chom rolls up pet hair in one quick swipe. This reusable lint roller has no adhesive or sticky surface. Simply role it over the affected area and watch as it magically catches pet hair, lint, or debris. Then pop the top and empty it into the trash. It’s ready to use again.


This car trash can that doubles as a thermal container for drinks

Say goodbye to car clutter with this heavy-duty, soft-sided travel bin that offers secure mounting options, keeping your car-related trash in one place. It's not just a wastebasket; it can double as a thermal container for drinks or picnic foods. It has a double-reinforced interior lining and a side pocket to hold the included plastic liners.


A personal reading light that sits comfortably around your neck

We’ve come a long way from reading comics under the covers with a flashlight. This hands-free neck light offers three color temperature modes — yellow, warm white, and cool white — along with three brightness levels for customizable lighting. A rechargeable battery ensures up to 80 hours of non-diminishing brightness. The ergonomic design with its supple and adjustable arms helps eliminate eye strain and provides comfort for kids and adults alike. Plus, its narrow beam angle won't disturb your sleeping partner.


A slender spatula specifically designed for scraping every last smear of spread

Spread some joy in the kitchen with the Splatypus, a delightful platypus-shaped jar spatula. More than just a utensil, this silicone spatula is designed to reach every last bit of peanut butter or jam in your jars, ensuring no delicious spread goes to waste. Made from BPA-free and food-grade material, it’s safe, fun, and makes for a quirky-yet-practical gift. You can also clean it in the dishwasher.


These eco-friendly Swedish dishcloths that you can throw in the washing machine

This pack of super-absorbent Swedish dishcloths is the ultimate kitchen and bathroom cleaning companion. These reusable marvels tackle spills and splashes effortlessly, replacing disposable paper towels. They’re safe for various surfaces, from marble to stainless steel, and they excel at scrubbing and drying dishes, sinks, tubs, and more. Made from cellulose and cotton, these cloths are soft when wet and gritty when dry, guaranteeing a clean like no other.


This pair of silicone stove gap covers for preventing hard-to-reach messes

If you’ve lost utensils or food to the inconvenient canyon between your stove and countertop, you need these heat-resistant stove gap covers. They fit perfectly on all stovetops, adapting to uneven spaces with their nonslip, flexible design. With a matte black, anti-dust, and smudge-resistant finish, these covers are easy to clean, either in the dishwasher or with a quick wipe.


These motion-activated lights that help you navigate in the dark

Brighten your home with these LED stair lights. These super-bright lights, with a warm 3000K glow, are perfect for illuminating stairs, hallways, closets, and more. Equipped with a motion sensor, they automatically turn on and off, conserving energy when not needed. Installation is a breeze, with options to mount using screws or heavy-duty adhesive tape.


A splatter screen that makes cooking bacon a lot less hazardous

Shield yourself and your kitchen from sizzling oil with this oil splatter guard. Unlike flimsy alternatives, it features an extra-fine mesh that allows steam to escape while stopping 99% of splatter. Plus, it's dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning. Use this handy tool for frying up your favorite treats — it can also double as a cooling rack and strainer.


This conveniently-sized ring light that fits perfectly over your computer camera

Elevate your video calls, selfies, and content creation with this wireless selfie ring light. This simple-yet-powerful LED ring light clips securely onto your device, ensuring a well-lit, glare-free experience for your photos and videos. With a high-capacity rechargeable battery, it offers two hours of bright, adjustable lighting. Choose from 10 levels of brightness and multiple light modes to achieve the perfect look.


These silicone baking mats that are safe for ovens, microwave, freezers, & dishwashers

Upgrade your baking game with this pack of four versatile silicone baking mats. These colorful mats come in two sizes, providing plenty of options for your culinary creations. Enjoy a healthier meal by eliminating the need for cooking sprays or oils. These professional-grade mats are non-sticky and a breeze to clean — burnt sugar and fat slide right off.


A car-detailing kit that has over 160,000 5-star ratings

This compact and powerful vacuum is designed specifically for cleaning cars and trucks. Weighing under 2 1/2 pounds, it's a breeze to use and equipped with a HEPA filter, ready to tackle everything from ash and dust to unexpected drive-thru spills. The kit includes three attachments for detailing, a carry bag, a filter brush, and a spare HEPA filter. It has a 16-foot cord that plugs into your 12-volt auxiliary outlet, so you can reach every corner without the battery dying.


This convenient condiment fork that attaches to your pickle jar

Tired of struggling to fish pickles or olives out of jars? This clever condiment fork securely attaches to the rim of most jars, offering a mess-free solution for extracting your favorite snacks. Plus, it includes a convenient caddy to keep the pickle fork clean and ready for your next craving. Whether you're at home or on a picnic, this handy tool keeps your fingers dry and your snacks free from unwanted contaminants.


This cheeky little alarm clock that forces you to get out of bed

This perky runaway alarm clock boldly rolls, jumps, and hides, requiring you to chase its loud alarm in order to silence it. Perfect for heavy sleepers, Clocky provides only one snooze, so you can’t lie in bed all day putting off the inevitable. Its range of extra-loud sounds, flashing display, and helter-skelter motion all ensure you're getting out of bed.


These reusable silicone food savers that help keep plastic out of landfills

These silicone sleeves help keep food fresh, minimizing waste by slowing the browning process. Their patented “hug” design stretches to embrace fruit and veggie halves of all sizes, reducing the need for disposable wraps and containers. Crafted from BPA-free silicone, they’re dishwasher-safe and reusable. Plus, they come in a variety of sizes, ensuring a snug fit for your favorite produce.


An adjustable measuring spoon that saves space in your drawers

This one adjustable measuring spoon does the work of nine spoons, eliminating the need to clutter your drawers with multiple utensils. The grooved thumbprints aid in precise measuring and sliding the cover to your desired measurement is a breeze, with a satisfying click to secure it in place. It’s made from durable plastic and is easy to clean.


A desktop vacuum cleaner for keeping your keyboard immaculate

Reviewers agree that this small-yet-mighty table vacuum cleaner sucks — in a good way. This rechargeable handheld cleaner is designed for precise cleaning in hard-to-reach places, from your desktop to your keyboard. Its powerful suction effortlessly picks up desktop debris, and an auto power-off function helps to prolong battery life. A high-capacity battery offers up to 400 minutes of clean time.


These stainless steel sticks that chill your beer as you drink it

These innovative chilling sticks feature advanced cooling technology that maintains your beer's original taste and keeps it refreshingly cold until the last sip. Just pop them in the freezer for 45 minutes, and you're ready for a frosty brew. Packaged in a sleek, black gift box, they also make an excellent present. Made from stainless steel, they fit most beer bottles snugly and even come with a handy bottle opener.


A chic milk frother that improves your coffee bar

Elevate your daily beverages with this coffee frother. Suitable for everything from protein shakes to cappuccinos and even eggs, this frother delivers barista-quality froth for a café-like experience every morning. With its powerful motor, it whisks up the perfect foam in just 15 seconds. It comes in eight colors, and features an ergonomic handle and stainless-steel wand, resting stylishly on its sturdy stand.


This clever (fake) vegetable can for hiding your valuables

Crafted to mimic an authentic can of corn, this inconspicuous product is actually a secret stash for cash and jewelry. It hides seamlessly in plain sight, fooling anyone who might glance its way. Unscrewing the bottom reveals the hollow storage area, which is smooth for easy, snag-free use. Plus, it's available in various options like corn, stewed tomatoes, and ravioli.


This cream that soothes sore joints and muscles

This joint and muscle therapy cream delivers “relief almost immediately,” according to one reviewer. Formulated with arnica, vitamin B6, and MSM (methylsulfonylmethane), this powerfully delivers relief simply by rubbing a little into the affected area. You can even couple this with an ice pack, heating pad, or massage roller for additional relief. Thousands of Amazon reviewers rave about this cream.


This bib apron that keeps beard trimmings from covering the bathroom sink

Yes, it looks weird, but this beard apron is about to be the most useful product in your house. By suctioning to the bathroom mirror, the bib keeps all those trimmed hairs neatly contained. It also makes cleaning up after shaving a thing of the past — just dump the excess hair into a trash can and move on with your day.


A wall-mounted mop & broom holder that will declutter your utility closet

If your garage or utility closet has become cluttered with cleaning tools, this wall-mounted organizer will be your new best friend. With five slots for mops and brooms and six hooks for hanging dustpans, rags, and other cleaning supplies, it’s a game-changer when it comes to keeping things tidy. Mounting hardware is included for easy installation.


This dry bag that’s great for outdoor adventures & rainy days

Whether you’re on a boating trip or a hike in the rain, this waterproof bag helps keep your things dry as a bone. Made from lightweight, durable polyester, the roll-top bag clips shut to protect its contents from water. Choose from three sizes (5, 10, and 20 liters) to suit your needs.


These silicone oven rack shields that help protect your arms from heat

If you like to cook, these oven rack shields can help protect your forearms when pulling out piping hot food. The silicone shields are heat-resistant up to 446 degrees Fahrenheit and slide onto oven racks for easy installation. They can also be cut to fit the length of your oven.


An extendable duster designed to clean ceiling fans & hard-to-reach areas

Clean hard-to-reach places with ease using this handy microfiber duster. Its extendable pole stretches from 30 to 100 inches, reaching high ceilings and tight spots effortlessly. The large microfiber head traps dust and allergens without the need for harsh chemicals, providing an eco-friendly cleaning solution. Plus, it's washable and reusable, saving you money on refillable pads.


This nonslip food holder that makes slicing safer & easier

Slice with speed and safety using this ingenious rapid slicer. This clever kitchen gadget lets you effortlessly slice through everything from grapes to bagels to chicken breasts in one swift motion while helping keep your fingers stay out of harm's way. Its nonslip feet hold it securely in place, and the top lid with a handle protects your hand from the knife blade. Plus, it's adjustable to accommodate items of various sizes.


A meat & potato masher with 5 durable blades

Featuring five durable blades and a comfortable handle, this meat and potato masher makes it easy to break up ground beef and turkey and mash veggies to a smooth consistency. The BPA-free kitchen tool is heat-resistant up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, and it won’t damage your nonstick cookware. It’s also conveniently dishwasher-safe.


A hydrating cuticle cream that leaves nails soft & shiny

Backed by thousands of positive reviews on Amazon, this cuticle cream is packed with Japanese seaweed, aloe vera, shea butter, vitamin E, and other moisturizing ingredients to deliver hydration to skin and nails. The formula is easy to apply thanks to a precision tip, and it leaves behind a shiny finish that doesn’t feel oily.


This nonstick press for making stuffed burgers & perfectly sized patties

Make delicious stuffed burgers and classic patties with this three-in-one hamburger press. It features a nonstick coating and includes two bases (2.5 and 4.5 inches) to make sliders and standard-size patties, plus a press with a built-in handle. When you’re done cooking, the press is easy to clean in the dishwasher.


This stylish cable manager that keeps you from fumbling for your charger

Don’t pull a muscle straining to reach a fallen charger cable — keep it in place and tidy with this magnetic cable organizer. Available in four colors, they're designed to blend seamlessly with your decor, making them a practical-yet-aesthetically-pleasing addition to your space. They're also nonslip, ensuring your cords and the organizers stay in place.


A waterproof nylon water bottle handle with handy built-in features

Designed to fit wide-mouth Iron Flask bottles between 10 and 64 ounces, this paracord handle makes it easy to tote water wherever you go. The easy-to-attach handle is made from waterproof nylon and has features built-in — such as a compass, fire starter, and carabiner — that make it great for outdoor adventures. Choose from 11 colors including black, orange, and aquamarine.


This clip for your car’s visor that holds your sunglasses in easy reach

Keep your sunglasses secure and accessible with this magnetic sunglasses holder. Its strong magnetic closure ensures your sunglasses stay firmly in place while requiring just one hand to grab. Wrapped in soft, stylish leather, it won't damage your visor or your glasses.


A touchless trash can that seals in odors & opens with a wave of your hand

This touchless trash can is the ideal solution for small spaces like bathrooms, where saving space is crucial. Made from plastic, it's easy to clean and features airtight sealing to keep odors in check. The lid is removable for hassle-free garbage bag changes, and its silent opening and closing won't disturb those around you. This trash can is waterproof and operates on two AA batteries.


This durable grocery bag carrier that can handle up to 80 pounds

Whether it's groceries, paint cans, sports gear, or dry cleaning, this nifty bag-carrier handle can handle it all. Its patented design ensures even weight distribution, reducing the strain on your hands and shoulders. The ergonomic frame makes it easy to load and unload bags while providing a comfortable grip. Lightweight and compact, it can support up to 80 pounds and is perfect for everyday use.


A cleaning gel that lifts dirt out of all the tricky nooks & crannies

This cleaning gel is expertly designed to tackle hard-to-reach spaces in your vehicle, like air vents, cup holders, and console panels. It's incredibly easy to use. Just push it into the nooks and crannies, and the gel will capture dust and debris. It’s reusable and versatile enough to use in your home and office, making it a must-have cleaning tool for all your gadgets and furniture.


This 5-in-1 car safety hammer for breaking windows in emergency situations

This dual-headed roadside safety hammer is made with hardened tungsten steel to effortlessly shatter car windows in emergencies. It also features a sharp seat-belt cutter for quick and safe escapes. With its compact design, protective cap, and heavy-duty construction, this tool is essential for every vehicle. You can choose from the original orange or glow-in-the-dark colors to suit your style.


A cold brew coffee maker that’ll save you money in the long run

Skip the trip to the coffee shop and save some money with this cold brew coffee maker. The durable glass carafe holds up to 37 ounces of coffee and comes with an ultra fine-mesh filter, leakproof lid, and a scoop and funnel for mess-free brewing. Just add coffee grounds and water and let it steep for eight to 24 hours in the fridge.


A fruit infuser water bottle that flavors your drink on the go

This fruit infuser water bottle makes it so easy to make your own flavored drinks. Just add your favorite fruits to the removable infuser and it will flavor your water on the go. The durable 32-ounce bottle has a lockable leakproof lid and a nonslip grip for comfortable, spill-free carrying.


These colorful tab openers that protect your nails & your beverages

Crack open a cold one without breaking a nail? It’s easy with these tab openers. These durable plastic caps reduce the force needed to open soda cans, making it a breeze for everyone, from kids to adults. They come in six vibrant colors, allowing you to track your drink easily. They also prevent sand, flies, and bugs from invading your can, making them useful for outdoor activities.


A comfortable headband with built-in Bluetooth headphones

Made from stretchy, moisture-wicking material, this Bluetooth headband is great for listening to music and podcasts while falling asleep or working out. It features built-in headphones and a convenient three-button control panel, and it offers up to 10 hours of battery life per charge. The headband is also washable — just remove the headphones before cleaning.


This hair catcher that installs on your shower walls to prevent clogged drains

Pulling hair out of shower drains is a gag-inducing chore, but you can prevent that nightmare with this hair catcher. This clever device gathers loose hairs in one easy-to-clean location: Simply run your hand through your hair to collect loose strands, then swipe through the bristles to trap them. It works wonders for both curly and straight hair. Made of anti-slip silicone, this durable product keeps your shower much cleaner.


These tube squeezers that make sure you get every last drop

These tube squeezers are a practical, versatile tool for your kitchen, bathroom, or hobby space. They’re compatible with both aluminum and plastic tubes, so they can be used on everything from eye cream to oil paints. Made from plastic with a convenient clip design, these squeezers are built to last. Each package contains eight toothpaste squeezers in four different colors.


These silicone ice cube trays for larger ice cubes

If you are holding out on upgrading to silicone ice trays, stop punishing yourself. Hard ice trays are exactly that, hard to use, and these silicone trays make it easy to pop out ice cubes without pulling a muscle (or ending up with ice everywhere). This two-pack of trays fits 16 ice cubes total, each large enough to sit in a cocktail or a cold brew on its own.


This genius shower drink holder for wine or beer

This suction cupholder can hold so many types of drinks, and sticks easily to the side of your shower or tub. Fans love to bring a glass of wine to a bubble bath or consume a cold drink in a hot shower — but truly the options are endless.


This detangling hair brush that’s easy to hold

This detangling hair brush is so genius, it’s no wonder 80,000 Amazon reviewers have added it to their carts. With an ergonomic design that’s easy and comfortable to grip, this brush glides through tangled hair without tugging or hurting your scalp. It makes easy work of snarls.


A reusable pet hair remover that has over 25,000 5-star reviews

Struggling to get the “fur” off your furniture? This innovative pet hair roller is a cut above traditional lint rollers. It effortlessly rids your couches, pillows, rugs, and clothes of stubborn dog and cat hair. There’s no sticky tapes or adhesives to contend with; simply roll it back and forth to trap fur and lint into the built-in receptacle. It empties quickly and easily with the simple touch of a button.


This bias lighting for your television or computer monitor

Adding a bit of bias lighting to the back of your computer monitor or television instantly levels up the mood. These LED lights are in a true white, but this strip come in a color-changing option that you can control with a remote, if that’s more your style.


A universal grill scraper that is bristle-free

This grill grate cleaner is an essential addition to your grilling set. Crafted with specially designed grooves, it effectively cleans round or V-shaped BBQ, smoker, or oven grates. This versatile tool is safe for use on indoor or outdoor grills and even flat-top griddles. Its long leather handle provides a secure grip while keeping your hands away from the heat. Get rid of your messy steel wool and bristled brushes; this scraper will outlast them all.

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