These 43 Home Products Are Really Weird & Interesting — & They All Have Near-Perfect Reviews

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Reading product reviews is one of the easiest ways to sort out the worthless from the worthwhile when shopping online. Most reviewers are more than happy to tell you the nitty-gritty details that the manufacturers leave out — like how well an item works, or if they’d bother buying it again. But if you don’t have time to scour ratings to find the best of the best, that’s not a problem, as I’ve put together this list of home products that are really weird, yet still have near-perfect reviews.

From spooky bat-shaped wine openers to self-draining soap dishes, I’ve made sure to include weird little something for every home.

1. An cat-inspired over-the-door hook with a rust-resistant finish

Not only is this over-the-door hook designed to look like an adorable cat, but it’s also made from sturdy metal with a powder-coated finish. The result? You shouldn’t have any trouble using it in humid bathrooms, as its finish makes it rust-resistant — and zero tools are required to get it up and working. “This hanger fit over the door perfectly without leaving any marks,” wrote Amazon reviewer D. Daiuto.

2. These charming bird sponges that come with a perch to help them dry

Letting wet sponges sit in the bottom of your sink is an easy way for them to become grimy — that’s why these bird sponges are worth a look. Each one comes with a matching perch for them to rest on, allowing them to dry quickly when wet. The perch attaches to the side of your sink using a strong suction cup. But if that isn’t enough? One Amazon customer wrote that “they’re almost too cute to use.”

3. A telescopic duster that holds onto dirt until you shake it out

This duster is made with a soft microfiber head that traps dirt within its fibers, holding onto it tightly until you’re ready to shake it out over a trashcan. The best part? Its telescopic handle extends out from 27 to 47 inches, making it easy to reach distant fan blades, light fixtures, and more. Amazon reviewer Susan wrote, “The pole stays screwed together great; sturdy, and cleans my fans perfectly, leaving nothing behind.”

4. These retro coasters designed to look like vinyl records

You don’t have to be nostalgic for the ‘80s to appreciate these coasters, as each one features a colorful, ‘80s-inspired label that delivers a fun pop of color to any coffee table. But if that isn’t enough? The soft rubber disc on the bottom makes them nonslip and helps protect your tables from scratches.

5. The oven rack shields that help protect you against burns

Accidentally touching the rack when reaching into your oven can be incredibly painful, so why not grab these shields? They’re made from tough silicone that’s resistant to heat, so there’s no need to worry about them melting at high temperatures. You can also trim them to fit smaller toaster ovens if desired — and Amazon reviewer Jsays2011 even wrote about how they’re “great for making sure I don’t burn myself when cooking...”

6. A rubber spatula that helps you scrape jars clean

Don’t throw out that jar of peanut butter until you’ve scraped it clean using this rubber spatula. Its silicone blade is flexible, allowing it to easily contour to the insides of jars to help you get every last bit of product — and the platypus design is a fun touch.

7. This alarm clock that forces you to get up & chase it

In the habit of hitting the snooze button too many times? Then this alarm clock is worth a look. It’ll roll off your nightstand and around your room when it’s time to wake up, forcing you to get up if you want to turn it off. And since it only lets you hit snooze once, the likelihood of you oversleeping is much lower.

8. A pair of microfiber balls that help your hands dry quickly

While cotton towels do an alright job of drying your hands, these fuzzy balls are made from soft microfiber that can absorb way more water. That means they’ll help get your hands drier, faster — and their unique appearance allows them to double as quirky pieces of decor. Choose from two colors: white/gray or light blue/dark blue.

9. This silicone ice mold tray that creates frozen skulls

Whereas standard-sized ice cubes melt quickly, the frozen skulls formed inside of these molds melt much more slowly. The result? Your drinks won’t dilute nearly as fast, making them great for anyone who enjoys whiskey — or even if you’re in the mood for a crisp soda. And since they’re leak-resistant, there’s no need to worry about them spilling inside your freezer.

10. The stainless steel knife that helps you spread cold butter

Unlike your regular knives, this butter knife features a series of slots running down its blade. When dragged across a stick of cold butter, the slots curl the butter into small ribbons so that they’re easy to spread — and the stainless steel metal means it’s even resistant to rust.

11. The spinning hangers that can hold dozens of ties

Add these hangers to your closet, and you’ll instantly have space to store up to 40 ties. The hooks spin so that it’s easy to reach all your ties, regardless of where they’re sitting. And if you don’t own that many ties, you can also use it to store jewelry, bras, scarves, and more.

12. These convenient dip clips that attach to your plates

Attach one of these convenient dip clips to your plate, and it’ll keep your dip separated from your chips, fries, and more — a must-have for anyone who likes keeping their foods separated on their plate. Each order comes with eight clips in varying colors.

13. An LED flashlight that you can use handsfree

With flexible legs that you can bend and twist into nearly any position, this LED flashlight can be propped up for hands-free use when tackling DIY projects. It’s also UV-resistant — just in case you’re working outside in the harsh sun — and each order comes with batteries included.

14. The portable cactus-shaped desk fan that runs for up to 14 hours

Not only does this cactus-shaped desk fan feature a powerful rechargeable battery that can run for up to 14 hours, but it’s also small enough that you can easily take it with you when on the go. The wind speed is adjustable up to three levels — and unlike some small fans, this one can also rotate 80 degrees to help spread its cooling breeze around.

15. The silicone spoon rest that looks like a giant ravioli

Instead of wasting a paper towel to use as a spoon rest, why not place that dirty stirrer on top of this giant ravioli? It’s made from soft silicone that easily rinses clean when dirty — and since it’s also stain-resistant, the chances of pasta sauce leaving it permanently discolored are incredibly low.

16. A collapsible strainer that helps you save cabinet space

Full-size strainers can take up a ton of space inside your cabinets — instead, consider downsizing to this collapsible version. It’s made from BPA-free silicone that’s heat-resistant up to 250 degrees Fahrenheit, so there’s no need to worry about how it’ll fare when filled with boiling water. Choose from two colors: red or blue.

17. A fun silicone spoon rest shaped like a crab

This crab-shaped kitchen helper does double duty, serving as a spoon rest and steam releaser that sits on the edge of your pot. Made from nonslip, heat-resistant silicone, the crab’s claws can hold a variety of kitchen utensils including ladles and tongs. When you’re done cooking, you can clean this clever spoon rest in the dishwasher.

18. This 4-tier bookshelf that fits into tight spaces

Don’t have space for a full-sized bookshelf? This tiered one offers four levels of space, giving you tons of room to store dozens of books in cramped rooms. It’s made from 100% wood and even comes in three finishes to suit any style: rustic brown, greige, or black.

19. This pistachio bowl that lets you separate shells from nuts

While pistachios are delicious, they can also be messy — but that’s where this bowl comes in handy. Its two-layered design allows you to keep whole pistachios on top, while their empty shells can easily be discarded into the bottom half. And if you aren’t into pistachios? It also works great with whole peanuts, edamame, and more.

20. This weird foot peel mask with over 13,000 5-star ratings

Once you’ve tried this oddly satisfying foot peel mask, you may never go back to salon pedicures. The booties contain a blend of salicylic acid and botanical extracts, and all you have to do is wear them on your feet for one hour before rinsing your skin. Over the next two weeks, dead skin will slowly peel off, revealing softer, smoother feet.

21. A super slim light therapy lamp that fits anywhere

This light therapy lamp has a super slim and foldable design, so you can easily fit it in your space. You can use it like a vertical light bar to illuminate your entire room or raise it up to use it like a desk lamp. The mood-boosting design also comes with three dimmer settings, and it’s completely UV-free.

22. The kit that lets you transform plain vodka into delicious gin

You don’t have to be a gin drinker to appreciate this kit, as transforming a bottle of plain vodka into a batch of delicious gin is a fun way to spend time with friends and family. It comes with all the supplies you’ll need, including juniper berries, spices, a strainer, a funnel, and more — just supply your own vodka and you’re ready to go. Plus, each kit comes with enough inside to transform up to 10 bottles.

23. These unbreakable wine glasses designed with stainless steel

Not only are these wine glasses made from tough stainless steel that won’t shatter if dropped, but their insulated walls also help keep your hands from warming up your chilled whites and room-temperature reds. They’re available in a variety of colors — from deep navy to fun gradient shades — and each one even includes a matching lid to help prevent spills.

24. A contoured knee pillow filled with soft memory foam

With contoured grooves that are designed to fit your legs comfortably, this knee pillow is a must-have for anyone who prefers sleeping on their side. It’s filled with soft memory foam — and since the cover is removable, you shouldn’t have any trouble washing it when dirty.

25. A wearable blanket with the *fluffiest* sherpa design

You’ll always reach for this wearable blanket instead of a classic throw blanket because you can stay cozy even when you get up to grab snacks. This quirky blanket also comes with classic sweatshirt details, like a hoodie, an oversized pocket, and you even get a fluffy sherpa lining.

  • Available colors: 25
  • Available sizes: Adult — Adult Extra-Long

26. The self-draining soap dishes that double as spoon rests

Letting your bars of soap sit in water can cause them to deteriorate faster — but that’s where these dishes come in handy. Raised slats lift your bars away from moisture, while a sloped channel in the front lets water drain into your sink. Or, if you prefer using liquid soap over bars, you can also use them as spoon rests in the kitchen since they’re heat-resistant up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

27. This super slim egg dispenser with a rolling design

This rolling dispenser is the most clever option to store eggs in the fridge after your grocery run. The two-tier design fits about 12 to 14 eggs, even though it’s super slim and compact. Whenever you grab an egg, the next one will roll right to the front, so it’s easy to see when you’re running low.

28. A sleek fridge deodorizer that’s *so* long-lasting

This deodorizer will look super sleek in your fridge with its stainless steel finish that hides the odor-absorbing design inside. It’s also so good at absorbing unwanted smells, so you can use this versatile deodorizer in your pantry or even in your car. It will also keep everything in your fridge fresher and last for up to 10 years.

29. A quirky cat-shaped towel with super secure snaps

This quirky cat-shaped towel actually has a super clever design because the arms snap around your towel rack to keep it perfectly in place. It’s also seriously absorbent to make it a surprisingly functional addition to your kitchen or bathroom towels. Of course, the fun design is also made of super soft fabric to make it feel luxurious.

30. A revolutionary drain protector that boasts *thousands* of positive reviews

Whereas traditional drain protectors will impede the flow of water down your pipes when they’re full, this one features a revolutionary tower-shaped design that won’t stop water — even when clogged with hair. It’s made from a combination of plastic and stainless steel, so there’s no need to worry about rust. But if that isn’t enough? Thousands of reviewers left either four- or five-star feedback, with many raving that it “looks nice” and is “easy to clean.”

31. This hilarious (but actually easy) egg separator

This egg separator has a sort of gross (but also hilarious) design that will make breakfast or baking projects more fun. Even with the funny face-shaped design, this separator is super functional, and most importantly — it won’t break the yolks. It’s also super easy to use this durable ceramic separator.

32. These reusable cable clips that help keep you organized

From headphone cables to charging wires, these cable clips are an easy way to get your electronics looking neat and tidy. The magnetic ends stick together without any twisting or knotting required — and since they’re made from tough silicone, you can rest assured that they’ll last much longer than flimsy twist ties.

33. The reusable lids that stretch to fit nearly any container

It’s almost too easy for plasticware lids to go missing, so why not upgrade to these silicone lids instead? They stretch to fit nearly any container, creating a leakproof seal to help keep your fridge and cabinets free from spills. They’re also BPA-free, as well as suitable for use in the microwave, oven, freezer, and dishwasher.

34. A versatile waffle bowl maker that takes up hardly any space

Not only is this waffle bowl maker so versatile that you can use it with nearly any type of batter or tortilla, but at only 1 pound in weight, it’s also incredibly easy to stash away once you’re finished cooking. Its PFOA-free surface heats up in just a few minutes — all while nonslip feet help keep it from sliding around your counters.

35. This grocery bag dispenser that mounts inside cabinet doors

Almost every kitchen has that one cabinet that’s overflowing with grocery bags, so why not open up some space and keep them inside this dispenser? It’s large enough to hold up to 30 bags, and each order includes a set of screws so that you can mount it inside your cabinet doors.

36. An outlet extender that adds 3 USB ports to your wall

With three USB and one type-C port at your disposal, this outlet extender makes charging all sorts of devices a total breeze. It also adds three outlets to your wall — and since the outlets are spread across three planes, it’s less likely that bulky plugs will block other outlets.

37. A wrinkle-free blanket with a hilarious tortilla print

This tortilla-themed blanket is perfect for long days on the couch because you can roll up in it and like a super cozy burrito. Both sides of this fluffy flannel blanket come with the hilarious tortilla print. The breathable design is also wrinkle- and fade-resistant, so this tortilla blanket will always look nice on your couch.

38. A stainless steel container that lets you save bacon grease for later

Pouring hot bacon grease into a plastic container is a big no-no, so why not opt for this container instead? It’s made from tough stainless steel that won’t melt when exposed to hot liquids — and the built-in strainer even removes any little burnt bits, leaving you with nothing but fresh bacon grease.

39. This super chic wall light you can use all over the house

This wall sconce will look so chic on your wall with its light wood design and simple LED light bar on the end. Simply stick the base on your wall with the built-in adhesive, and you instantly have an expensive-looking light. Plus, you can pull the light bar off and carry it around like a flashlight or use it as a bedside lamp.

40. A spooky wine opener that’s 100% BPA-free

Having trouble uncorking that bottle of wine? Not a problem when you have this corkscrew on hand. The bat-shaped design is a fun, spooky touch, and the head even doubles as a bottle opener — just in case you’re in the mood for a beer instead of wine. It’s also BPA-free and even comes in a colorful parrot option if you aren’t a fan of bats.

41. A chic spoon rest with a luxe garlic grater built-in

This spoon rest will look so expensive on your countertop because it has a ceramic design with a glossy finish. It comes with four different slots for your cooking utensils and a hanging hook to store it after dinner. Plus, it has a built-in grater to grate garlic, ginger, and more without pulling out another tool.

42. This bra & tank hanger that always looks tidy

This hanger is specifically to keep tank tops, bras, or even your collection of longline workout tanks neat and tidy. It comes with 16 hangers with protective rubber accents stacked on top of each other, so you can save space and organize your bras at the same time.

43. An LED backlight that can help reduce eye strain

Staring at a bright television when sitting in the dark can leave your eyes feeling strained — that’s why this backlight is such a good investment. Not only can it help alleviate strain, but it also plugs into your television’s USB port so that you don’t have to hide any hanging cables. Plus, the adhesive backing lets you press it right into place, making installation a breeze.

44. A permanent & squishy glue to fix things around your home

You can squish and mold this permanent glue into the perfect shape to fix things around the house. Simply stick it on, and it will create a waterproof, as well as a heat- and cold-resistant fix for broken things all over your home. It also comes with four different colors, so this mess-free glue will really blend in.