65 Ridiculously Cool Things Under $30 on Amazon Prime

Gadgets and gizmos, aplenty.

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Ready to stock up on the most sublime, useful, and storage-area-boosting gear? Whether you struggle to fit all your clothes in the closet or to locate the tools you need to cook dinner, there is something to help you organize and improve your space. If camping, cocktails, or cleaning are your jam, there is something cool for you here. Here are 65 ridiculously cool things under $30 on Amazon Prime.


This Smart Weather Station

Set this weather station somewhere convenient and keep an eye on the temperature indoors and out. You can place up to three sensors anywhere you like — outdoors or indoors — so you can see if the baby’s room, greenhouse, chicken hut, or dog run is warm or cool enough. It comes with one wireless sensor.


These Shoe Laces That You Never Have To Tie

Turn any pair of shoes into slip-ons by replacing their standard laces with these no-tie shoe laces. You can wear your favorite pair of running or dress shoes without having to fiddle with laces. They come in 13 colors so you can match them to your shoes and over 60,000 people say, “Five stars!”


These Peelers That Fit Into Your Hand

This palm peeler makes it so easy to get the outside skin off of everything from potatoes to carrots. Just wear it on your hand with your fingers in the rings to get a solid grip on it and swipe away at your vegetables. This is a set of four of them so you can get everyone to help with the work.


The Outlet Concealer That Solves So Many Problems

It’s easy to move an outlet that is creating a visual mess with this outlet concealer. Plug it into the messy outlet, run the 3-foot cord to a better spot, and plug all your gear into the power strip. It comes in several cord lengths and power capacities to fit whatever use case you have in mind.


The Lights That Turn Empty Bottles Into Decor

Save the pretty bottles from the recycling bin and turn them into beautiful lamps with these wine bottle lights. Drop the string of LED lights into the bottle and pop in the cork. Then turn the lamp on and off with a switch in the cork. This is a pack of 10 so you can create a light display from bottles and they work indoors or out.


These Cable Ties That Are So Easy

Forget the rubber bands and twist ties. These self-gripping cable ties are the best way to organize cords so they are usable instead of a snarled mass of too much trouble. They attach to the wire, wrap around it, and attach with hook and loop fabric. This makes it easy to unwrap the wire and wrap it up again. They are also colorful so you can color code your collection or just enjoy the bright look.


The Trick For Getting The Last Drop From Bottles

All those shampoo, soap, and honey containers that frustrate you by being so slow to come out of the bottle can be fixed by replacing their lids with the ones in this bottle emptying kit. The combination tripod and snap-closed lid let you store those bottles upside down so the product is always primed and ready to deliver. This is a pack of six.


A Neoprene Sleeve For Your To-Go Coffee

This insulated cup sleeve makes it so much easier to hold a hot cup of coffee. Just slip a to-go cup into it and it protects your hands. It has a stretchy band to fit lots of cup sizes and a reflective, insulated inner lining for serious heat protection. There are over 100 color and pattern options so you can dress your morning brew in a pattern that speaks to you.


A Glow-In-The-Dark Masking Tape

Decorate your space for a party with this blacklight reactive glow tape and your dance floor will look amazing. Choose the width and length that works best for your application and you will receive five rolls in different colors. It sticks easily and peels off again without leaving a residue. “This made our glow-in-the-dark dance party so much fun!” said one reviewer. “We didn’t want to take it off afterward.”


This Mask For Softer Hands

If your dry hands are uncomfortable and won’t respond to simple applications of lotion, pull on a pair of these hand mask gloves and let your poor paws soak up the shea butter and prebiotic oats for 10 minutes. “My skin was transformed after the first use,” said one reviewer. “I thought my hands were beyond saving but I was wrong!”


The Trick For Preventing A Wine Headache

If wine gives you a headache, these wand filters will stop that. Drop one into your glass, give it a stir, and it will neutralize the histamines and sulfates so that your wine won’t hurt you, since these are the elements in wine that may lead to headaches, congestion, and an upset stomach. After you use it, you can twist off the decorative end to use it as a glass charm so you know which glass is yours.


The Exfoliating Towel For The Shower

Exfoliate your back, legs, and all the places you can’t reach with a sponge or loofah by lathering up this shower towel. It is long enough to scrub the unreachable parts of your back and the textured open weave feels amazing, gently exfoliates, and dries quickly. The lather it creates is amazing.


This Clever Holder For Hamburgers

If the mess of eating a burger prevents you from indulging, load your meal into these burger holders. They keep the sandwich together and prevent the spills and drips from ruining your outfit. They work for any kind of big, potentially messy sandwich and are easy to clean. This is a set of four in different colors.


These Masks That Soothes Under Eye Skin

Stick a gold eye mask under your puffy, tired eyes to soothe your skin. It takes only 20 minutes to revitalize your appearance after a late night or trouble sleeping. “These eye patches go on evenly and, if you refrigerate (not freeze) the eye patches they deliver a moisturizing calming effect to the eye area,” said one of 24,000 five-star reviewers.


The Batter Dispenser That Makes Baking So Easy

Making pancakes is so easy with this batter dispenser. Mix the batter up right in the pitcher. Then dispense the perfect amount right onto the grill by squeezing the trigger. It pours from the bottom so gravity is on your side and releasing the trigger stops the batter completely so there are no drips and dribbles. It works great for filling cupcake pans, too.


This Tool For Slicing Eggs

Drop tomatoes, eggs, mushrooms, strawberries, and other foods on this clever egg slicer to turn them into perfect shapes in seconds. The food rests securely on the concave dish while you lower the guillotine on it to turn it into slices, wedges, or diced pieces. It’s fast, and easy, and the results are perfect. It comes in black or white.


A Vampire To Chop Garlic

This vampire-styled garlic crusher is not only a cute addition to your kitchen but it makes cooking with garlic so much easier. Drop peeled or unpeeled cloves of garlic into it and it will turn them into minced pieces you can cook with in seconds. It’s great for chopping nuts, ginger, and other small foods that are annoying to process with a knife, too.


These Gloves So You Don’t Cut Your Hands

Pull on these cut-resistant gloves before you work with a sharp blade or tool and prevent unnecessary emergencies. Knitted from a material that is four times stronger than leather, even slips with an oyster-shucking blade or mandoline won’t hurt your hands.


A Glass Rimmer For Better Cocktails

Upgrade your bar with this three-tiered bar glass rimmer so you can easily throw together fancy cocktails with sugared or salted rims. One level is a sponge for dampening the glass rim and the other two levels hold salt, sugar, or your specialty mixes. The compartments rotate. Open it up to make drinks and then close it to preserve your ingredients.


The Solution For Where To Put Your Gear While You Drive

Give your bag and other necessary items a place to ride in your car that lets you access them easily. This net organizer hooks between the two front seats and holds a bag — or a collection of items — upright and within reach. “This is a must-have accessory, that holds a purse, wallet, water bottle, or even small purchase safely and within reach,” said one reviewer. “Why don't car manufacturers include this in their designs?”


A Cheese-Making Hobby In A Box

Making cheese is fun and surprisingly easy. And the homemade stuff is so much fresher and more delicious than store-bought. This cheese-making kit breaks it down and provides all the ingredients and tools you need to get started on cheese-making as a hobby. Just add milk and you will be eating your own mozzarella, burrata, ricotta, mascarpone, and goat cheese in no time.


A Multipurpose Cutting Board For Camping

This collapsible cutting board is like a mobile kitchen for your camping or RV-ing adventures. The top is a cutting board that has snap-in blade attachments for grating, shredding, slicing, and mashing. The bottom is a collapsible colander and carrying bin. It’s super helpful for food prep and is easy to store.


This Clever Kickstand For Your Phone

This clever phone kickstand sticks to the back of your phone or phone case and pops out when you need it so your phone will stand up at the perfect viewing angle. When it’s not deployed, though, you will hardly know it’s there. It comes in two colors, peels and sticks to your phone, and is made from a durable aluminum alloy.


These Stickers That Make Any Bottle A Party

Turn bottles of wine, beer, or other beverages into personalized gifts — or a personalized event — with these bottle labels. Just stick them right over the label that’s on the bottle and your gift is wrapped and ready to go. Do a collection of bottles to make a few beers or wine bottles into a party. This is five different labels that can turn any collection of bottles into a birthday celebration.


This Sushi-Making Kit For Beginners

Instead of dropping a small fortune going out for sushi, make it at home instead. It’s surprisingly easy if you have the right tools. And it’s fun! This sushi-making kit gathers together all the tools you need— a rolling mat, bamboo rice paddle and spreader, and five sets of chopsticks. “So much fun to make your own sushi!” said one reviewer. “Way easier than I would have expected.”


The Phone Holder For Flying

Add this universal phone mount to your travel rig before your next flight so you can clip your phone to the tray table in the seat back in front of you and watch a movie while you fly. It also clamps to tables, gym equipment, and luggage to help you negotiate your way through the airport, work, or a workout. The display mount flips up or down, it comes in four colors, and it folds up small.


A Whiteboard Sticker That’s 8 Feet Long

Turn any wall or surface into a whiteboard with this wall sticker roll. Just cut it to the size you want, peel off the backing, and stick it where you want to jot your thoughts. It’s 8 feet of space to brainstorm, take notes, or leave missives for housemates or coworkers. Use it all in one spot or litter your living space with note-taking options. It comes with three dry eraser markers in different colors and an eraser cloth.


These Spoke Lights For A Safer Ride

Snap these bike reflectors over the spokes of your bike to make your ride safer. They reflect light so you can be seen from a distance and make it clear to drivers that you are riding a bike so they can adjust accordingly. The 36 spoke reflectors are easy to snap on and are covered in 3M Scotchlite reflective material for a durable, effective, and long-lasting safety enhancement.


The Golf Balls That Light Up

Now you can keep playing after dark. These bright LED golf balls light up so you can track your ball as it flies and find it again, even if it lands in a sand trap in the dark. They light up when you hit them with your club and stay lit for 8 minutes. They come in seven colors.


This Roller For Ripped Abs

Get a ripped set of abs by rolling every core muscle into shape with this ab roller wheel. Rolling out and back delivers an intense workout wherever you have a piece of floor to use for the task. It comes with a knee pad for working on hard floors and gets nearly 8,000 five-star reviews.


The Bookmark That Grows Out Of The Pages

Stick these little green bookmarks between the pages to mark your spot and all your current reads will look as if greenery is sprouting from them. The stems are squishy silicone and flatten between the pages while the leaves open up above the closed book. There are two styles of leaf to choose from.


These Pens That ID Counterfeits

Don’t risk accepting a high-value counterfeit bill. All you have to do is mark a bill with one of these counterfeit bill detector pens. The image the pen leaves on that folding money — faint if the bill is real; darker if it’s a phony — will tell you if it’s the real deal or a potential fake. “I work at a grocery store and use these pens all the time now,” said one reviewer. “We found a counterfeit $100 bill [with them.]”


These Satin Pillowcases For A Luxe Night’s Sleep

These satin pillowcases are a delightful upgrade for your bed. They come in so many colors and the texture is so soft and silky that you will feel like you are sleeping in the lap of luxury. That silky texture is gentle on your skin and hair, too, so you will wake up without bed head or pillow wrinkles.


A Pizza Cutter That Works

This pizza cutter wheel combines smart engineering with a sharp blade to make it easy to cut through even the crispiest, topping-covered pizza. The blade is encased securely in a wheel with a handle that lets you lean into cutting that pie so it slides through all the toppings and crust. It comes in two colors.


This Pocket-Sized Labeler

With this Bluetooth label maker in one pocket and your phone in the other, you can label anything you want at any time with serious, cute, or artistic labels of your own creation. Design the labels in an app — or choose a pre-built design — and print them to this ink-less labeler in seconds. Then peel and stick the labels where you want them.


The Ring That’s Also A Fidget Toy

If you focus on work or handle social situations better when you give your hands something to keep them busy, wear this spinner ring so you always have a fidget toy at the ready. It looks like a nice piece of jewelry but, when you feel anxious, you can spin the outer ring around the inner one to help alleviate that stress. Choose glitter or an engraved pattern for the outer ring. It comes in several colors.


This Coaster That Holds Your Beer

Set your drink down within reach without worrying that it will spill all over the couch by using this anti-spill couch coaster. It grips the arm of the sofa and puts a cup holder where you can easily reach it. It’s designed to hold onto any arm shape, can handle everything from a beer bottle to a coffee mug, and comes in four colors.


This Mouse Pad That Lights Up

Set this lighted gaming mouse pad down on your desk and amp up your work or game station in an instant. Turn on the lights on the mouse pad — in any of 10 lighting modes — when you head into a game. Turn it off with a touch when you want to return to suit mode for work. The extended size turns any slick-surfaced desk into an excellent texture for a mouse.


A Mug Warmer For Tea That Stays Hot

This tea-drinking cycle is so common it has become a meme. Make tea. Find it too hot to sip. Wait for it to cool. Forget about it. Discover it cold. Start again. End the cycle! Set your mug on this coffee warmer and that liquid will cool but only to the perfect sipping temperature. And that’s where it will stay till you drink it. The warmer comes in four colors and shuts off automatically when there is no mug on it.


These Cute Birds That Are Also Sponges

This cute bird, perched adorably in your sink, is as helpful as it is adorable. It sits on a wooden perch that is suction-cupped to the sink. And, though it looks like a bird, it is part of a flock of multi-layer sponges with a scrubby side and plenty of absorbent sponge layers. This is a set of four birds but there are several other cute options, too, such as sloths and sushi.


This Reading Light You Wear Around Your Neck

Keep right on reading after the lights are out with this neck reading light. It has two beams you can point at your book or task and each one has its own controls. Choose the width of the light beam, the color and brightness of the light, and the direction of the beam. It comes in eight colors and is rechargeable.


A Bar Of Soap Made Of Steel

It might look like a fake bar of soap but this stainless steel soap bar is the cleanser you want if your hands smell of garlic, onions, or fish. The steel neutralizes these orders using science and it works better than actual soap — every time. And the steel never washes away. Keep a bar next to the sink for those times when you can’t otherwise get that smell off your hands. It comes with a soap dish that fits it perfectly.


An Expander For Your Cup Holder

You don’t have to keep searching for the largest coffee mug or water bottle that will fit your cup holder. This cup holder expander makes your cup holder fit the container you have. Drop it into your cup holder. The base adjusts to grip it from the inside. Now you have a bigger cup holder — with flexible flaps to hold smaller bottles in place.


The Diffuser That Fits In Your Car

Want to enjoy a calming or invigorating aromatherapy treatment — and perhaps some cool mist — while driving? This car diffuser fits into your cup holder and diffuses your choice of essential oil scents and humidity into the air. A button on top makes it easy to turn on and off, it’s easy to fill from the top, and it plugs into your lighter.


This Set Of Kitchen Tools In A Wine Bottle

This one wine-bottle-shaped kitchen tool is an entire collection of kitchen tools: a citrus squeezer, grater, funnel, egg cracker, shredder, can opener, egg separator, and measuring cup. It all assembles together into that bottle shape so you won’t lose the parts and fits neatly into any space that would hold a wine bottle. “A convenient way of storing a ton of kitchen tools I needed,” said one reviewer.


A Pouch That Rides On Your Water Bottle

Strap this water bottle pouch onto the bottle you take to the gym and it will hold your phone, keys, earbud case, and some money and credit cards while you go about your workout. It even holds your phone so you can see the screen to switch up the music or follow an instructional video. “Allows me to set up my phone with the notes app open to keep track/change weight levels and reps for each machine during my workout,” said one reviewer.


The Microwave Cleaner That’s So Angry

Cleaning your microwave is so easy if you let this Angry Mama microwave cleaner do the heavy lifting. Fill her with vinegar and water. Then cook her in the microwave and watch as she blows her top. The steam that comes out of her head softens all the baked-on muck so it wipes right off and it’s funny to watch.


A Phone Case For The Shower

Bring your tunes, movies, phone calls, and notifications with you into the shower so you never miss anything by mounting this waterproof shower phone holder to the wall of the shower. It allows you to touch and use the screen while the phone rests safely inside the waterproof compartment. It comes in six colors.


This Trick For Boiling A Perfect Egg

If you find it challenging to boil an egg to the precise amount of hardness you like, drop this egg timer into the water with that egg. It shows you a visual of when it’s time to take your egg out to get one that is soft, medium, or hard. It comes in seven colors.


These LEDs That Turn Any Mirror Into A Hollywood Vanity

These mirror lights turn any mirror into a Hollywood-style vanity mirror in a matter of minutes. Peel and stick them to the mirror and then plug them in. The brightness adjusts all the way up to 4,000 Kelvin — bright enough for a professional makeup artist. Over 19,000 people give them five stars.


The Tea Bag Holder You Didn’t Know You Needed

This clever tea bag holder is the tool you didn’t know you needed to make it easier to brew a cup of tea. It sits on your mug, trapping heat and holding the tea bag string, while you brew your cuppa. Then use it to lift out the hot tea bag and squeeze it without burning your fingers.


This Charging Station For All Your Apple Gear

Set this three-in-one charging station on your bedside table so you have a place to drop your phone, watch, and earbuds while you sleep so they charge up at night. You will know where everything is in the morning and it all fits tidily into one small space. It comes in six colors and works with recent iPhone models and accessories.


The Smart Way To Save Leftovers

Skip the food storage container altogether and cover the food itself with these reusable silicone food savers that stretch over the open end of an onion or orange, sealing it closed without taking up so much space in the fridge. This is a set of five in various sizes and they work well as a lid for small containers, too.


A Better Way To Store Storage Bags

Create order in the kitchen drawer that is hardest to organize by moving all your storage bags into this bag storage organizer. The bamboo box holds all your bags, without the annoying boxes, and keeps them all separated and labeled. It’s designed to fit in drawers without snagging or jamming the drawer.


This Rabbit That Grabs Toast

Keep this adorable bunny near the toaster so you don’t burn your fingers retrieving your snack. Bernie stands on his own, displaying those magnificent ears. When your toast is ready, grab it with his ears. These adorable toaster tongs come in handy for all sorts of chores other than toast, too. “Not only is it super cute, it keeps me from burning my hands. Fabulous,” said one reviewer.


A Bottle Opener That Sticks To The Fridge

Mount this magnetic bottle opener to the fridge — or any metal surface — so you always have an easy way to get bottles of beer or soda open. (You can also mount it with screws.) You don’t have to worry that lazy people will let bottle caps drop to the floor because it will grab them using magnets, and hold them like magic to the front of the base.


These Magnetic Hooks That Create Storage Anywhere

These magnetic hooks let you create easy storage on the side of a fridge, filing cabinet, microwave, metal shelves, or anywhere with a bit of metal to stick them to. The strong magnets hold firmly so you can hang anything from keys to kitchen tools from them. “Adheres right to the metal walls on cruise ships,” said one reviewer. “Super strong too.” This is a set of six.


A Hard Case For Your Switch

Keep your Nintendo Switch safe and secure, while making it easy to cart around by keeping it in this carry case with compartments for the device, accessories, and games. It all zips closed and keeps your gear secure inside a hard case. “It looks cool and stores a good amount of your games and accessories,” said one reviewer.


This Tube Squeezer That Does All The Work

End the struggle to get toothpaste out of the tube with this tube squeezer that does all the work for you. Just slide it up the tube to push out the product. It works on any tube that’s less than 2.5 inches wide. It also lets you hang that tube from a hook. This is a set of four.


The Headband With Built-In Headphones

Wear this Bluetooth headband to work out, sleep, or enjoy a walk with your hair pulled off your face and tunes feeding your ears. You don’t have to jam earbuds into your ears because the speakers are embedded into the stretchy headband for comfort. “I like to listen to audiobooks or stream videos while in bed,” said one reviewer. “This is so light I can’t even tell it is on.”


This Cute Match Striker

Store your matches in this match striker so you never have to hunt for a rough surface to light the match on. The side of the jar is designed to be the perfect striking surface. It looks decorative on a mantle next to your candles and you can purchase it with or without matches.


A Space-Saving Coat Hanger

Create more space in your closet by taking advantage of the vertical space with these space-saving hangers that hold five coat hangers in the space of one. Hang them from the closet rod and hang garments from the five heavy-duty plastic hooks. Put all your T-shirts or pants on one hanger or create pre-built outfits for getting dressed quickly in the mornings.


A Double-Sided Back Scrubber

Give your back a good satisfying scrub with this exfoliating back scrubber that has a loofah-like texture on one side and a soft washcloth texture on the other. Rope handles on either end make it easy to hold and hang in the shower and it dries quickly to prevent mildew. It comes in three colors.


This Pen That’s Also A Tool Kit

Pocket this gadget pen and turn your pocket into a toolbox. It is not only a retractable pen but also a spirit level, ruler, and two screwdrivers. There is a stylus on the flip side of the pen for working accurately on a phone or tablet or signing digital checkout kiosks. It comes in seven colors.


A Massage Roller You Can Use Anywhere

Bring quick and easy relief to sore muscles by rolling this massage roller ball over them. The smooth movement lets you get deep into muscles without hurting your hands. Store it in the freezer for a cool massage that helps you recover from workouts and soothes aches and pains. “The cooling sensation eases tension and since it’s handheld it allows you to manipulate it however you want,” said one reviewer.

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